Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You Guys Wanna Get High?

No Towlie, we don't want to get high.

Well, how about we open some Topps Heritage High Number instead?  Does that sound better to you guys?

Yes, after seeing so many bloggers opening up packs of the new product, I was starting to feel a little twinge of jealousy.

You see, there is only one card in this entire release that I am actually targeting - David Ross' first licensed Cubs card - and buying packs of product isn't exactly the most efficient way to lock down a single base card.  I promised myself I was going to be responsible and pick it up on the second hand market or in a trade.  I figured it would show up fairly quickly, since one doesn't have to purchase the full, box set for this product anymore.

Well, you see how long that rationale lasted; I just couldn't fight the itch to open up a pack of cards any longer.  So I grabbed a rack pack up from the local Target and hoped against all hope that it would pay off.  Let's see how I did:

This particular card has been the talk of the blogosphere - Dimebox Nick and Night Owl have already discussed this #595 at length.  The reason is that Cahill never actually pitched for the Dodgers - oh, he signed a minor league deal with them after being cut loose by the Braves; but, in the minors he stayed.

Then the Dodgers cut him loose too and the Cubs picked him up as last-minute, September bullpen insurance.  Surprisingly, he has blossomed as a multi-inning, high-leverage reliever and has seemingly earned himself a playoff roster spot.

But, a Dodger he is not.  It's too bad that the set went to press before they could 'shop him into the right shade of blue.

There was also one former Cub to speak of.  Fuld came up with the Cubs during the 2007 season and spent the next couple of seasons on the shuttle back and forth between Iowa and Chicago before being included in the much-maligned Chris Archer/Matt Garza deal.  Blech.

He's managed to make the most of his limited skill-set and become a useful bench piece (known for making spectacular catches), mostly for Oakland (in two separate stints).  Always good to see a former Cub succeed... as long as it isn't against the Northsiders, that is.

What else did I find in my impulse purchase?

The lone insert is demostrative of just how fleeting success in the Major Leagues can be.  One year ago, Williams was the NL Manager of the Year, this year he is uniformly considered a total fool and his non-handling of the Papelbon vs. Harper choking didn't help his cause.

A couple of guys who play on the other side of town.  After yet another season of big expectations and total failure, fans are calling for a Cubs-like rebuild at US Cellular Field.  Micah has a chance to be a part of such a restart; but, he'll have to start making contact on a more regular basis.  On the other hand, Flowers seems to be about your replacement level catcher - he's not bad, but upgrading is probably on the agenda.

Here we have a couple of members of the Reds' all-rookie rotation.

With their season long since done and injuries taking a toll, their starting pitching staff is currently made up of five rookies.  I guess that's one way of finding out exactly what you've got.

Curiously, DeSclafani's card does not bear the rookie shield.  Is that because he already appeared in products last year, when he was with the Marlins?  His rookie eligibility is still intact through the rest of the season, so I'm confused.

Here are some guys in their new digs...

...and here is the expect cavalcade of rookies that one finds in any sort of "update" product.

By the way, do not adjust your computer screens, that is Anthony Ranaudo appearing twice.  However, before anyone starts lambasting collation, that is in fact my error - I only pulled the card once. but I wasn't so careful when sorting.

And here's the rest of the pack, for which I have nothing interesting nor witty to say about.

So, I got one current and one former Cub, but none wearing a Cubs jersey.  I also did not land my Ross card.  So, overall, this wasn't a very successful purchase.  That said, at least I am no longer itchy.

So, if anybody has pulled a dupe of that David Ross card and is willing to part with it, I'd be happy to arrange a more than generous trade.  Also, while the Cahill and Fuld cards do fit into my collection, I am not wed to them and everything you see here is up for grabs.  So, if there's something you want, speak up.

In the meantime, I hoped you enjoyed getting High with me!


  1. Good luck on finding a Ross card! If I come across another I'll be sure to send it your way!

    1. Much appreciated, but it looks like Nick was just waiting to unload one!

  2. I gots a spare Ross I can send your way. (And would you mind setting that Matt Williams insert aside for me if you don't have any other plans for it? It's an anthem card!)

    1. Deal! I guess it's a good thing I've been slacking on mailing the package I had already assembled for you. It will be in the mail tomorrow morning!

  3. Oh man - and I just pulled a Ross as well. Want a 2nd one?

    1. I guess I'm the only one who didn't pull a Ross!

    2. Yeah. I pulled the Ross from one pack and some kid named Chris Bryan....Chris Brynt - something like that. Probably some scrub. I just threw it away.