Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An Overwhelming Underdog

RIP Yogi, one of baseball's greatest players, personalities and all-time good guys.

I wish I had more and/or better cards to show off of Mr. Berra in remembrance; but, as a laser-focused Cubs collector, the one you see above from 2005 Fleer Showcase is all I've got.  I suppose it will have to suffice.

Now, I certainly don't have to tell you, the educated baseball fan, just how great of a player he was.  But, I will say that if he were a franchise, his 10 World Series rings would rank him third all-time, behind the Yanks and Cards.  How amazing is that stat?

Besides his on-field abilities, Yogi always had a way with words.  Here's a fantastic list of his best catchphrases - if you need a laugh, look no further.

And since this is a Cubs blog, here are some Cubs-related tweets offering their condolences:

His influence on the game obviously extends far beyond team allegiances.  

And finally, I obviously missed out on watching Yogi as a player or even as a manager.  Heck, he actually retired from coaching (with the Astros) the same year that I was born.  So, my introduction to Berra was through my grandfather's stories, slabbed cards at the LCS and this particular commercial:

This still makes me smile - the Aflac duck's bewilderment just seals it for some reason.  We truly lost an American treasure last night.  Banks, Minoso and now Berra... time marches on.

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