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Cubs of a Different Color - The Letter D

Each Saturday, I'll showcase a letter of the alphabet as part of my collection of Cubs in different uniforms.  Today, the letter "D" takes the spotlight.

But first, a refresher:

The rules:

  1. The card must depict them in an MLB uniform that is not the Cubs.  
  2. MiLB cards do not count; they go into their own, separate collection.  
  3. "Zero-year" cards do count, provided they show MLB teams (so Bowman Draft counts).
  4. Have fun (mandatory!)
I chose each card based on availability, which I liked the best and variety in clubs - with extra weight given to teams each player may be most identifiable with.  Plus, I may have been biased to other teams I have a rooting interest in  (White Sox, Red Sox & Phillies).  Sue me.

Here we go:

Page 1:

  • Bill Dahlen - 1982 Renata Galasso Turkey Red Reprints #11 - Dodgers (Brooklyn)
    • His nickname was also Babe, which created a great deal of confusion for me with the guy next on this list.  He was the catalyst of the late 1800's White Stockings and often shows up in lists of players who should be in the HOF.
  • Babe Dahlgren - 1941 Play Ball Reprint #48 - Braves (Boston)
    • Two reprints in a row.  I'm not exactly sure what company was behind this one, but they printed it on really cheap paper.  It feels like digital photo paper.
  • Kal Daniels - 1987 Donruss Opening Day #192 - Reds
    • A really red Reds card - I love it.  Borders that match the color of the team featured are always a beautiful sight.
  • Alvin Dark - 1991 Topps Archives #109 - Giants (New York)
    • A double purchase that has now been rectified.  That sort of thing might be my absolute favorite thing about starting this collection.
  • Doug Dascenzo - 1993 Pinnacle #555 - Rangers
    • A guy known for his glove-work and emergency pitching being depicted at-bat.  I love this set; black borders may chip easy, but you can't tell me this isn't a slick design.
  • Doug Davis - 2010 Topps #12 - Diamondbacks
    • I still get the creeps when I see his name - the darks days of the rebuilding Cubs when he, Rodrigo Lopez and Jason Berken made up up the pitching rotation. *shiver*
  • Jody Davis - 1989 Donruss #650 - Braves
    • He just looks bizarre in a Braves jersey.  Jody, Jo-dee Davis doens't seem to be keen on having his picture taken here.  Also, more matching border/team colors!  That characteristic can make even as ugly a set as this one work.
  • Ron Davis - 1984 Fleer #561 - Twins
    • Gotta love Ron and his stylish glasses.  Nothing more intimidating on the mound than seeing a guy who looks like his lunch money was just stolen.
  • Andre Dawson - 1984 Topps Ralston Purina #6 - Expos
    • Oddball!  Expo!  I love this pairing, but I don't think that Ralston Purina makes Hawk food though.

Page 2:

  • Ivan Dejesus - 1985 Fleer #248 - Phillies
    • The man was a semi-star and hometown favorite of the Cubs; but, the guy they got back for him in his trade to the Phillies was kinda popular with the Wrigley faithful too... some guy name Sandberg, I think?
  • Dizzy Dean - 2001 UD Cooperstown Collection #7 - Cardinals
    • An all-time great Cardinal; but let's not forget his Rick Sutcliffe-like go 'round with the Cubs in 1938 - 7-1, 1.81 in 10 second half appearances, helping to lead the Cubs to the Pennant.  Wowser!
  • Joe Decker - 1976 Topps #636 - Twins
    • A great set - honestly, I don't think there's a Topps set from the 70's that I don't like.  And for some reason, blue and pink work really well together for the Twins cards.
  • David DeJesus - 2005 Topps Chrome #338 - Royals
    • I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm usually a sucker for shiny.  David seemed like all-together good dude; it's too bad he didn't get to stick around in Chicago, post-rebuild.  Also, he was with the Royals at the wrong time too.
  • Frank Demaree - 1941 Play Ball Reprint #58 - Braves (Boston)
    • There's that mystery reprint set again.  Anybody have any idea what company was behind these?  CCC?  TCMA? Renatta Galasso?  Some old dude with a scanner?
  • Ryan Dempster - 2001 Topps #716 - Marlins
    • It's weird to think of Dempster as anything but a Cub.  He did so well to weave himself into the fabric of Chicago baseball that it's easy to forget he spent his first four years there AND was an All-Star.  He's back with the Cubs as an assistant to the GM
  • Chris Denorfia - 2014 Topps Update #US-131 - Mariners
    • Here we have a current Cub.  This is also the same card that represents Norf in my CATRC as well - I pulled it a few times last year.  Here's hoping he gets a Cubs card in Update this fall!
  • Bob Dernier - 1990 Topps #204 - Phillies
    • He was the spark plug for the beloved '84 Cubs; but, he book-ended his Cubs career with Phillies stints.  He actually spent more time in Philly than in Chicago, so this doesn't look weird at all.
  • Mark DeRosa - 2006 Upper Deck #840 - Rangers
    • The starting second baseman for the 2007-08 Cubs, the Northside squad in my lifetime until this season.  He had a career year for the Rangers in '06 and there was a lot of doubt he could sustain that when the Cubs signed him.  I think he worked out all right.

Page 3:

  • Paul Derringer - 1985 Goudey 1934 Reprint #84 - Reds
    • Another reprint set.  I don;t really have anything else to add about this card.  
  • Delino Deshields - 1990 Topps Magazine #TM22 - Expos
    • The second Expos oddball in this post.  This design screams 90's and as a child of the 90's that means I absolutely love it!  Thankfully, the Cubs didn't give up Pedro Martinez to get him, like the Dodgers did.
  • Blake DeWitt - 2009 Upper Deck #280 - Dodgers
    • He was the bounty in our trading away of Ted Lilly (the most successful lefty for the Cubs since WWI) and Ryan Theriot to the Dodgers  He was probably the most useless player I've seen, couldn't field well at any position with as much offensive prowess as Mario Mendoza.
  • Mike Diaz - 1989 Fleer #494 - White Sox
    • The uniforms and logo of the 80's White Sox always catch my eye.  I'm nt entirely sure why, but they do.
  • Miguel Dilone - 1983 Fleer #405 - Indians
    • First Indians card in a little while.I'm not crazy about this set and it's "dirty" borders; but I'm not overflowing with cards of the man.
  • Felix Doubront - 2010 Topps Update #US-311 - Red Sox
    • My second favorite team.  Doubront came to Chicago in a bit of roster jenga (blog title!), when the Cubs were looking for any starters they could get.  He got cut in spring training after a brief audition last season.
  • Larry Doyle - 1991 TSN Conlon Collection #317 - Giants (New York)
    • Conlon is my homie. 
  • Jason Dubois - 2003 Topps Heritage #64 - Blue Jays
    • Zero-Year card!  DuBois was taken by Toronto in the Rule V draft in the winter of '02; but, he was returned in mid-march.  It's a pity he wasn't taken by Montreal - his french-looking name would have looked perfect on their roster.

Page 4:

  • Hugh Duffy - 1992 TSN Conlon Collection #532 - Red Sox
    • This HOF'er began his career in Chicago before jumping for greener pastures in Boston, first in the American Assoc. and then in the NL.  It was there in 1894, he won his Triple Crown.
  • Shawon Dunston - 1996 Fleer Update #204 - Giants
    • Dunston had three separate stints in SanFran (this is from his first0.  Even so, it's weird to see him in any jersey that's not Cubs colors.

Alright. that does it for this week's edition of the Cubs of a Different Color collection. Next week (spoiler alert!), we'll take a look at the letter "E." It will feature a guy known for his potty mouth, a HOF closer who refused to pitch in the pen for the Cubs and a hated rival who switched sides in the midst of a pennant race.

See ya next time!

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