Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bears Sunday: Scoreless in Seattle

It's time for another edition of "look at my new Bears roster collection!"  I recently gathering up Bears in a similar fashion to my CATRC; so, now that I have enough to really call it a collection, I'm going to show it off page by page.

This is going to be a rough Sunday for the Bears.  The Seahawks are coming home after an 0-2 start and you know they're just itching to prove they're better than that.  Plus, Kam Chancellor has officially ended his holdout and will be on the active roster for the first time this season.  I can't blame him, I'd want to pad my stats against the Bears too.

Oh yeah, thanks to a hamstring injury to Cutler, our starting QB is Jimmy Claussen...

Despite all this negativity, let's take a look at my as-of-yet unorganized Bears All-Time Roster Collection:

We start out with a couple of super vintage HOF'ers on much more recent card releases.  Statistically, Jay Cutler is the best QB the Bears have had since Mr. Luckman up there.... let that sink in for a moment.

Alshon is always hurt lately, we have a kicker whose nickname was "Butthead,"  Greg Olsen should have never been allowed to leave and create this never ending safety vacuum we have, McKinnon was an '85 Bear and Desmond Clark was an '06 Bear.  There are my thoughts for this particular page.

We start this page off with yet another super vintage HOF'er in Musso.  I must say, I love the gold borders on that set.  Plus, old-timey football players always look like pure, unadulterated bad asses.

Edge went with the marble finishing on that Lewis card, which would look great as a countertop.  In the center, we have my favorite Bears player of all-time in Devin Hester.  The man with the NFL record for most TD returns was the most exciting man on the field for the duration of his Bears tenure.  His return on the opening kickoff of the 2007 Superbowl is probably the most emotive and excited I've ever been watching any sport.

I have no memory of Scott Drago; but, I picked him up just because his name immediately makes me think of Ivan Drago of Rocky IV fame.  I must break you...  Good to see some punter love in the bottom row there too; they're like the middle relievers of football cards.

That Danieal Manning oddball comes from a punch-out set found in the Chicago Tribune, honoring the Superbowl team from 2006.  The Trib also did a set for the Cubs and White Sox a couple years later, when each won their division.  I really wish that they would resurrect this idea for this year's playoff bound Cubs squad.

Tom Thayer actually looks kind of cool in that Pro Line Portrait, a rare sight indeed for that set.  We also have the current Michigan football head coach, a troubled former QB who has had some issues with DUI in recent years and a guy who I legitimately thought I watched die on the gridiron in Johnny Knox.

Seriously, I'm amazed Johnny could ever walk again after that.  Here's hoping the Seahawks don't LITERALLY kill the Bears today...

We also have the immortal Gale Sayers, a current broadcast personality in Dan Jiggetts and the soon to be departed Matt Forte.  It's too bad Forte's best years were wasted with the mediocre-to-cinge-worthy Bears teams of recent vintage.

That's a good place to put a bookmark.  We'll pick up again right where we left off next Sunday, that is, if today's game doesn't cause me to completely renounce my fandom.   Here's to a Cubs-inspired rebuild (only football style) at Soldier Field, 'cause most of these guys wearing orange and blue don't even belong in the NFL.

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