Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bears Sunday: A Town Chock Full of Cardinals

It's time for another edition of "look at my new Bears roster collection!"  I recently gathering up Bears in a similar fashion to my CATRC; so, now that I have enough to really call it a collection, I'm going to show it off page by page.

Sunday is obviously the best day to do this recurring series, being that it's football related and all.  Also, in a funny coincidence, both the Cubs and the Bears are playing the Cardinals today.  Here's hoping the baseball team can complete an immeasurably significant sweep of the St. Louis brand and the Bears can squeak out an upset home win against the football squad formerly from Chicago.

In the meantime, let's take a look at my as-of-yet unorganized Bears All-Time Roster Collection:

Panini Golden Age is such a beautiful set every year and that "Bulldog" Turner card is a perfect example as to why.  Plus, I was able to land a vintage HOF'er for a reasonable price - win/win.  Otherwise, there's a lot of fairly insignificant grouping of players here.  Revie Sorey had a few good years in the dark days of the late 70's/early 80's.  Too bad he couldn't hang on for a couple more year to be a part of that immortal '85 squad.

The Richie Pettibon might be my favorite here.  This is mostly due to the fact that it was a cheap vintage pick up (you can't really tell here, but it's kinda beat up); but, the fact that he has the 2nd most interceptions in Bears history (38) and the Bears record for the longest interception return (101 yds.) doesn't hurt.

Mark Rodenhauser - I picked up this card solely because his name made me think of this amazing slice of childhood nostalgia:

Back to football:

A lot of "my guys" era on this here page.  Urlacher is probably the greatest player to suit up for the franchise in my lifetime and one that I'll be able to tell my grandkids with pride that I watched play.  Robbie Gould is the greatest kicker in NFL history in my eyes and I don't care what you say about it.  
Kyle Orton had himself a nice, long career as a (mostly) backup QB, having only retired after last season.  Kreutz is another all-time great that the Bears are still trying to replace at center.  Peanut Tillman was another fan-favorite who unfortunately could not stay healthy and moved on to Carolina this year.  Benson had all the potential in the world, but was too much of a headcase to do anything with that ability,  Berrian I moreso remember for his bright orange shoes that he continued to wear despite being fined than his actual football abilities.

Doug Buffone was a major franchise icon who suddenly passed away  a few months ago.  He was still doing the postgame show for the radio broadcasts and his love for the team made him a sort of Ron Santo-like figure.  

Here on this page, we have a couple of a long-line of terrible Bears quarterbacks.  The Bears are to QB as the Cubs were to 3B before Aramis Ramirez showed up.  That is to say, the lineage isn't very impressive since the Great Depression.

We also have a first-round draft bust in Rashaan Salaam, who's Bears career was marred by injuries, fumbles, and marijuana use.  I mean, he ended up in the XFL for cryin' out loud.  Cool photo on that card though.

I was able to land that vintage Kuechenberg because of the printing errors on his nameplate.  I'm not looking for gem mint 10's here; I collect for fun, not profit.... and I'm kind of a penny-pincher.

We do have a certifiable HOF'er here in George Trafton in one my favorite junk wax era football sets, a shiny Finest card of Anthony Blaylock, an Oscar Gamble-like 'fro from Wally Chamber and a an excellent catch by Marty Booker too; so, not too bad of a page overall.

A true Twitter gem

That's a good place to call it for today.  It's really time for me to actually start focusing on the games; watching two is difficult enough without attempting to write on top of it all.  As of now, the Bears are only losing by a touchdown (such low standards I've set for this season) and the Cubs are minutes away from first-pitch.

An all-city sweep of redbirds sounds pretty good to me; let's make it happen guys!*

*(Although, if I have to chose one, I'd really like for a sweep over the St. Louis variety)

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