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Cubs of a Different Color - The Letter C

Each Saturday, I'll showcase a letter of the alphabet as part of my collection of Cubs in different uniforms.  Today, the letter "C" takes the spotlight.

But first, a refresher:

The rules:

  1. The card must depict them in an MLB uniform that is not the Cubs.  
  2. MiLB cards do not count; they go into their own, separate collection.  
  3. "Zero-year" cards do count, provided they show MLB teams (so Bowman Draft counts).
  4. Have fun (mandatory!)
I chose each card based on availability, which I liked the best and variety in clubs - with extra weight given to teams each player may be most identifiable with.  Plus, I may have been biased to other teams I have a rooting interest in  (White Sox, Red Sox & Phillies).  Sue me.

Here we go:

Page 1:

  • Miguel Cairo - 2010 Topps #417 - Reds
    • A Cubs double-dipper (1997 & 2001) who just seemed to show up on a roster every year.  9 teams in 17 years as a utility infielder makes for a nice career.
  • Nixey Callahan - 1913 Tom Barker National Baseball Game Reprint #?? - White Sox
    • This card has shown up here on this blog before, when I got a package deal on some reprint sets.  I love reprints and so does my wallet.
  • Dolph Camilli - 1985 Goudey 1934 Reprint #91 - Phillies
    • Speaking of reprints, this set was also part of that package deal.  Also, Dolph Camilli is one of my favorite baseball names of all-time.
  • Shawn Camp - 2010 Topps Update #US116 - Blue Jays
    • Shawn Camp was a scrap heap signing in 2012 who somehow became the anchor of the bullpen, leading the league in apps with 80.  Unfortunately, that was his last good season.
  • Bill Campbell - 1979 Topps #375 - Red Sox
    • An early bullpen star, "Soup" helped set the template for the modern closer, along with names like Sutter.  The Red Sox mojo of this particular card earned his spot.
  • Mike Campbell - 1989 Fleer #543 - Mariners
    • 1989 was a damn good year (I may have been born that May), but not for Mike.  He posted a 7.29 ERA in 5 starts and didn't see the Majors again 'til 1992.  Yikes.
  • Jose Cardenal - 1981 Topps #473 - Royals
    • Boy oh boy, does Jose look weird in a KC jersey or what?  The novelty factor of that short-term stop and sunset card made for an easy choice.
  • Don Cardwell - 1958 Topps #372 - Phillies
    • An excellent piece of vintage.  1958 Topps may very well be my favorite set (depending on the day you ask me).  He who threw a no-hitter in his first Cubs start should be honored with such a beauty,
  • Tex Carleton - 1985 Goudey 1934 Reprint #48 - Cardinals
    • The Cubs are playing a key series with the Cards as I type this and are on thier way to winning the first two games of the series.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx anything.  Lou Gehrig says he doesn't believe in such things.

Page 2:

  • Trevor Cahill - 2015 Topps #346 - Diamondbacks
    • Speaking of the Cubs/Cards series, Cahill has been a revelation for a Cub bullpen in desperate need of stability.  The long-reliever has turned an awful beginning of the year into a likely playoff roster spot.
  • Joe Carter - 1991 Donruss Diamond Kings #DK-3 - Blue Jays
    • A Diamond King that isn't nightmare inducing!  1992 just so happens to be my favorite edition of the legendary DKs; so, here it will reside.
  • Larry Casian - 1993 Donruss #343 - Twins
    • This card dates back to my original, childhood collection.  Thus, though I have no attachment to the set, team or even the player, the nostalgia for my youth clinched it.
  • Bill Caudill - 1985 Topps #685 - Athletics
    • This set, along with '58 Topps, is another one that rotates into my favorite set.  I love the bright colors of the nameplate and the A's jersey in particular here.
  • Ronny Cedeno - 2009 Topps Update - #UH144 - Pirates
    • This is a quality double-dip shot of a guy more known for his glove work than his bat; thus, this seemed like an appropriate choice of cards for Mr. Cedeno.
  • Hee Seop Choi - 2004 Topps Total (Silver Parallel) #254 - Marlins
    • One of the best Cubs trades in franchise history, getting Derrek Lee for Choi is something I'd like to remember forever.  So, my Marlins card of Choi will be used as his rep.
  • Dave Clark - 1989 Upper Deck #517 - Indians
    • Another Cubs double-dipper (1990 & 1997) with a long career, this is my favorite early UD offering and a fairly iconic set.  Oh, btw, this isn't the same Dave Clark that fronted the Dave Clark Five in the 60's, just in case you were wondering.
  • Mark Clark - 1996 UD Collector's Choice #529 - Indians
    • Two Upper Decks and two Indians in a row.  Too many Indians and not enough chiefs!  Also, proof that extreme close ups and "pitcher's face" isn't an exclusively modern card phenomenon.
  • Matt Clement - 2001 Fleer Triple Crown #116 - Padres
    • Another card making it's second appearance on the blog, this is actually my only non-Cub Clement.  I was fairly surprised that I didn't have more of Mr. Soul Patch.

Page 3:

  • Gene Clines - 1974 Topps #172 - Pirates
    • I always think of him as the hitting coach under Dusty Baker; but Gene had a nice playing career in the 70's as well.  His most productive years came in Pittsburgh; so, he goes into this collection as a Pirate.
  • Kevin Coffman - 1988 Fleer #536 - Braves
    • Ordinarily, I find this set repulsive.  That said, I thing the random red and blue lines of the borders actually work nice with the Braves colors.  Also, it looks like Kevin could use some glasses - he's squinting like a senior citizen.
  • Phil Coke - 2009 UD Goudey #133 - Yankees
    • This card was only just recently displaced from my CATRC by this acquisition.  Being that it's my only other Coke card, it wins the spot by default.
  • Chris Coghlan - 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen #114 - Marlins
    • Before Gypsy Queen got entirely too repetitive.  This is by far my favorite design in the series that should be discontinued.  
  • Jim Colborn - 1979 Topps #276 - Mariners
    • An early Mariners card is always welcome in any of my collections.  Who doesn't love that trident logo on the hat?
  • Joe Coleman - 1980 Topps #542 - Pirates
    • Another one of my favorite baseball hats ever.  The "We Are Family" era Pirates uniforms were so bad that they were glorious.  We also have our second sunset issue of this series.
  • Ripper Collins - 1992 TSN Conlon Collection #656 - Cardinals
    • I've spouted about my love for Conlon enough, but they just help with my collections so very much.  How else do you get cards of super-vintage guys without breaking the bank?
  • Tyler Colvin - 2013 Topps #265 - Rockies
    • While Lee for Choi might be one of the best trades in Cubs history, the Colvin & LeMahieu for Ian Stewart trade is definitely not.  The Rockies need some more love in this binder though.
  • Ron Coomer - 1999 Pacific Paramount #132 - Twins
    • The current Cubs broadcaster played on the Northside in 2001; but, he's much more identified for his time spent with the Twins.  Here's an uncharacteristically tame Pacific card to honor that stint.

Page 4:

  • Mort Cooper - 1992 TSN Conlon Collection #624 - Cardinals
    • One half of the brotherly battery (see next player), was only a Cub for one day in 1949 and he didn't even record an out, earning an infinite Cubs ERA.  He's much more known for his Cards days.
  • Walker Cooper - 1986 CCC '51 Bowman Reprints #135 - Braves
    • The other half of the brotherly battery.  While they were teammates with the Cards, they never were with the Cubs; his time in Chicago came near the end of his career (1954-55).
  • Henry Cotto - 1991 Fleer Ultra #333 - Mariners
    • This is actually one of my favorite editions of Ultra.  For that reason alone, I chose this card to hold down a spot for the '84 Cub.
  • Wes Covington - 2008 Topps 50th Anniversay Buybacks #290 - Braves
    • I pulled this card from an awesome full box of cards I got for $5 at a garage sale (I mean, the box itself is worth that).  So, the good memories of that purchase heavily outweigh the gimmick vibes given off by buybacks,
  • Doug Creek - 1996 Fleer Update #U203 - Giants
    • This one came from that very same box as well.  Creek was a player I'd had a hard time tracking down for my CATRC for a long time; that box contained two of these cards.  The baseball card gods are a funny bunch.
  • Chuck Crim - 1992 Topps Stadium Club #823 - Angels
    • I'm pretty sure this is the first time an Angel has appeared in this collection.  This team needs some love and Chuck Crim is ready to support them.
  • Hector Cruz - 1981 Fleer #206 - Reds
    • You know those unflattering pictures that your friends take as your trying to say something?  Yea, Fleer is one of those annoying friends, at least to Mr. Cruz.
  • Ray Culp - 1972 Topps #2 - Red Sox
    • I accidentally bought this from an LCS a couple years ago because I forgot that I already had a Culp for my CATRC.  Thank goodness I have a new outlet for this beauty and can now rectify that mistake.
  • Will Cunnane - 1998 UD Collector's Choice #223 - Padres
    • Wrigley Field makes a cameo in the background that commemorates the debut of the future Cub.  However, Will first appeared in the Bigs against the Mets, so....

Here's the final page of C's:

Page 5:

  • Kiki Cuyler - 1992 TSN Conlon Collection #587 - Pirates
    • Poor Kiki is lonely here; hopefully I add a few more cards to this section and get Cuyler some company.  The future HOFer was a good, but troublesome player for the Pirates; it wasn't until they tired of him and traded him to Chicago that he truly blossomed.  Another excellent trade in Cubs history.

Alright. that does it for this weeks edition of the Cubs of a Different Color collection. Next week (spoiler alert!), we'll take a look at the letter "D." It will feature a current Cubs assistant to the GM, three Hall of Famers and a guy once traded for Pedro Martinez.

See ya next time!

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