Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hot Tub Time Machine

The title of this particular post works two-fold; let me explain.

I wouldn't just Say Anything after all.

First, the concept of a time machine is fitting for the card that I am about to show off.  It is older than nearly all of the actors in that movie, after all.

Second, this highly underrated and crass comedy features one particular actor that shares a very similar name with the following former Cub infielder:

I had to do a double take when I pulled the card out of a box of vintage Bowman at my LCS because I initially read the back as John Cusack.

We all know that John Cusack never played Major League Baseball; although he did portray White Sox shortstop Buck Weaver in Eight Men Out.  On the other hand, John Cusick barely played in the MLB anyway.

Courtesy of

Cusick toiled in the farm systems of the Phillies, Cardinals and Yankees for several seasons before finally making his debut with the Cubs in 1951.  He quickly earned the nod as the starting shortstop for the club, on one of the woeful 50's Cubs rosters, but his weak bat quickly relegated him back to the bench by July.

In 186 plate appearances over 65 games, he batted .177.  That wasn't going to fly, even in a lower offense era at a defensively-minded position.  So he was shipped to the Braves for Bob Addis going into the the 1952 season, as this card notates.

In Boston, he again earned the starting shortstop job before losing it mid-season due to his strikingly similar .167 batting average in 49 games.  He was cut after the season and no one ever came calling again.

Maybe some Chernobly would have improved John's performance?
Courtesy of Prop Bay

And thus, the flame was extinguished on John Cusick's MLB career. Not a notable name, but one I needed to add to my Cubs All-Time Roster Collection, nonetheless.

Cusick might not have given much to the Cubs, but the box that I found his 1952 Bowman card in gave an awful lot to me!  In addition to this one card, I pulled a few others.  All of them were in excellent shape, reasonably priced and will be discussed in another post.

But, that's all for today; work is calling my name.  However, I did just land some free tickets to today's game!  Here's hoping Jason Hammel gives me a Cubs win on my first game of the 2014 season!

Go Jason, Go!

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