Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The 80's Called - They Want Their Cliches Back

Break out the neon, leg warmers, and Duran Duran cassettes - the 80's are back in style here at Wrigley Roster Jenga!

When it comes to collecting the Cubs roster, I have to chase some tubular side-quests in order to maintain focus.  Otherwise, I'll just get lost in the abyss that is the Cubs all-time roster and lose interest - as if!  Lately, I've decided to try and zero-in on the cards of every player who has suited up in blue pinstripes since 1980, or as I consider it, the "modern era." 

This is completely objective of course, no doy.  But, as we know, card production started amping up in the 80's and thus, a majority of the players from this era have had a card printed with their likeness.  Not to mention, it's the gnarly decade that I debuted on earth.  Thus, I've settled on that cut-off.

This goal is actually well within reach, as I am already fairly close to achieving it. Bitchin' right?  Out of the 668 men who meet that criteria, I have 645 of them; not too shabby for this dweeb.

A random assortment of my Cubs: 80's to today

So, here is the list of players who have eluded my grasp thus far (totally bogus) and the years for which they played for the Northsiders.  Have you seen these men?:

Gene Krug - 1981
Bill Johnson  - 1983-1984
Johnny Abrego - 1985
Derek Botelho - 1985
Mike Martin - 1986
Mike Maksudian  - 1994
Joe Kmak - 1995
Roberto Rivera - 1995
Ramon Morel - 1997
Ramon Tatis - 1997
Steve Gajkowski - 1998-1999
Derrick White - 1998
Richard Barker - 1999-2000
Doug Creek - 1999
Brad Woodall - 1999
Raul Gonzalez - 2000
Mike Mahoney - 2000, 2002
Mike Fyhrie - 2001
Angel Echevarria - 2001
Ron Mahay - 2001-2002
John Gaub - 2011
Jeff Beliveau - 2012
Lendy Castillo - 2012
Chang Yong-Lim - 2013
Zac Rosscup - 2013

I may very well be the only person in the world actively searching for a Johnny Abrego or a Mike Maksudian card, but that just means less competition, right?  But, I have to get steppin' or I'm gonna spazz out from staring at this computer screen.

But, before I go, did you catch all the 80's slang?


  1. The good news. I probably have extra copies of a bunch of these guys. The bad news. They're mostly buried in boxes in my attic. The good news. I do have a dupe of a Ron Mahay card in hand. Its kind of ironic because the reason I have it in hand is that my Rangers are completely unorganized. I sort my cards by team and the dupes go to the attic to die. As I understand your methodology, if they don't have a Cubs card, you use whatever card you can lay your hands on. The Mahay is a Topps Total from when he was on the Rangers. If that'll do ya, email me your address at my blog address (info (at) stubbyschristmas (dot) com) and I'll send you a PWE or similar with the Mahay. T'ain't much, but its sumpthin.

  2. I'll gladly take that card off of your hands if you're willing to part with it. Seeing as Ron never had a Cubs card issued during his career, the fact that it is a Rangers card does not bother me at all.

    I'd especially appreciate it because Ron has actually been surprisingly tough to acquire, mostly due to the fact that he was a "scab" during the baseball strike and is blocked from the MLBPA.

    What can I send you back? I can send you my Mets dupes if you'd like?

  3. For a single card of Ron Mahay? I don't need anything back. Consider it a tribute for a blog well written and an appreciation for a daunting task undertaken (i.e. card of every Cub). Now if I ever get around to digging the rest of those suckers out of the boxes in the attic, then we can talk trade. ;^)

  4. Well, your kindness will be remembered, that's for sure! What's your email address?

  5. info (at) stubbyschristmas (dot) com