Monday, March 3, 2014

Managing My Collection

There were a couple of envelopes waiting for me when I got back from work this evening.  Nothing like opening the mail and catching the Cubs spring game on the radio. Wait, let me check the clock; yes, it's still 2014. The contents of this particular envelope were my second favorite (the other was a paycheck; that's just for me to see!):

While my collection mostly focuses on Cubs players rostered throughout history, I also show some love for the men that write out said roster.  Preston Gomez had a fairly long managerial career (he was even the first in Padres history back in 1969, the year from which this vintage beauty hails), but not so in Chicago. With the 1980 Cubs, he helmed the team as they dropped 52 of their first 90 games. At that point, the plug was pulled and Gomez was replaced by Joey Amalfitano. All told, his career managing record, over seven years, was 346 wins, 529 losses (.395) and included four last-place finishes.

This piece of cardboard however, is much nicer than that record.  This, albeit slightly off centered, 1969 Topps release only set me back a Washington bill on eBay (free shipping rocks).  Plus, the cartoon on the back is exemplary of the style in the era. Also, please forgive the quality of the scans as my actual scanner is on the fritz).  

With this acquisition, I now possess a card of every Cubs manager (including interim skippers) since 1962. Also, excepting College of Coaches-era men Harry Craft and Vedie Himsl, I have a card for everyone going back to 1926.  As it stands, I have 48 out of 58 and I'm batting 84.48%.  I'll take that for today!

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