Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Brief Introduction to Clinical Insanity

My names Tony, and I'm an odd duck.  After coming across several top notch blogs about collecting baseball cards, I've been inspired to create an account of my own journey through the cardboard universe.  My collecting goal is centered around the... ummm... shall we say frustrating, franchise known as the Chicago Cubs.

My collection is slightly different from most that I've come across.  I don't particularly care about completing sets, amassing large amounts of certain player squares, getting as many John Hancocks as possible or trying to make money off of this childhood obsession.  Rather, my goal is have at least one card of every player that has played the game in a Cubs uniform.  Yes, my goal is to complete the roster of a team that dates back to before the Great Chicago Fire.  As a child of the 90's, you might say that I am "insane in the membrane."

The roster is over 2,000 players long and I am well aware that a great amount of these guys never had a card printed in their name or that they run for thousands of bucks.  The roster turnover of the last few years hasn't been helping either.  But, I've been trying to do this since I was learning multiplication tables, so I'm not going to quit that easily. I currently stand at about 57% completion; not bad for 19 years of (on again, off again) work!

So, tomorrow I will post my first entry into this chronicle of madness.  I should have a nice stash of envelopes from recent purchases just waiting for me to open.

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