Thursday, July 9, 2015

What's in the Box? Pt. 2 - The Old

Alright, let's review.  

A few days ago, I grabbed an 800-count box of random baseball cards on my way out.  There were stacks and stacks of these at the front table of my LCS for each of the major sports for a wadded up Lincoln.

Yesterday, I displayed for you the unexpected quantity of cards from recent releases in the giant repack.  But, what's a repack without a fair amount of junk wax era cards?

But first, a message brought to you by 2001 Topps:

There were plenty of puke green borders to be expelled from the box

Tony Muser spent a few years as the Cubs hitting coach before getting a shot to manage the Royals, so into the coaching section he goes.  Meanwhile, Womack and Ordonez were a couple of scrappy middle infielders who I developed odd attachments too when they wrapped up the MLB careers in Chicago.

I've always been a sucker for the bubble guys.

Somehow, I didn't already have that 2000 base card of Gracie in my player collection.  As a child of the 90's, Gracie, Sandberg and later on Sosa were my idols.

I think I already have that Stadium Club piece, but I'm still trying to decide if he's embracing Jose Bautista or if he's finishing him, Mortal Combat-style.

Speaking of Stadium Club, there was no shortage of these full-bleed beauts within these white walls.  Chamberlain makes his second appearance in this post courtesy of a super old-school throwback uni, which might be some sort of record for a non-Cub on this blog.

Meanwhile, that DiPoto guy has been in the news recently for some reason... oh right, because the GM took his ball and went home on the Angels last week.  Between him and Ryno, there's a lot of quitting going on lately.

Why was I yelled at for playing with the outfield grass in T-ball if an MLB star like Orel is allowed to do it?  Such hypocrisy!

Awesome Dawson in a Red Sox jersey?  It just looks weird.

Mike Remlinger in a turn of the century Giants throwback?  It just looks phenomenal.

Some more Bowman, although this particular card is a touch older than those featured in the first post.  A new Nomar is always welcome in my collection, even if his Cubs career was rather disappointing.

I don't know that I've ever been more excited about a new Cubs acquisition than I was the day they brought in backwards Ramon.

I know what you're saying, more of the plaque known as 1992 Donruss?  Easy though, this guy might actually be a distant relative of mine.  Burba was my family's original last name before they came through Ellis Island and had it "Americanized."

There's a decent chance that this bullpen stalwart might be a cousin.

A smattering of Studio was also tucked inside.  We have a couple future/former Cubs on top (Wild Thing is rockin' that head band!) and some interesting photo selections on the bottom.

Denny has definitely got some balls and he might want to keep them away from Jose!

I'm fascinated by broder cards and I presume that that is what this Bo Jackson card is.  I've never heard of Statz cards and neither has the internet.  Any information out there on the blogosphere with this one?

I thought Bo was supposed to know everything?

What's a repack without a few nightmare inducing Diamond Kings?  I guess these two aren't really all that bad; but they certainly have seen better days, condition-wise.

It's odd for me to think of Kal as a Diamond King, seeing as his legacy is really that of a part-time player.  But, I see he lead the league in OBP in 1987 (.397) and cracked 26 homers the year before... the more you know!

Last, but not least, there was a singular Sportflics card stuffed in there.  Luckily for my collecting habits, it was that of Bill Madlock.

Well, 1/3 of it is anyway - "Mad Dog" shares some space with Dave Concepcion and George Foster.  I guess that's not bad company to keep though, is it?

There you have it - the completed highlights of my five dollar bargain box.  I have definitely spent a crumpled up Lincoln on much more useless things/Starbucks; so, it was a nice change of pace to see this produce such a large amount of new cards for my collection.

But, it should be noted, I'm not wed to any of it either - so, if you see anything you like, let me know and it is all yours.

Plus, since I am currently crippled and off of work, I can get this stuff in the mail almost instantaneously.


  1. I think maybe "STATZ" is supposed to STAR ? the "TZ" is an "R" ? I've heard of Star Inc. cards, but doing a quick image search didn't come up with a match. Both 1991 and 1992 Star Bo Jackson cards are plentiful, but they don't look like that one, which looks kind of like a Pro Set Football design.

    1. Yea, I went down that route too and came to the same non-conclusion. Plus, I don't see Star having ever used a logo like that. Tis a mystery.