Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What's in the Box? Pt. 1 - The New

So, the same day that I went to my LCS and picked this stuff up, I also grabbed an 800-count box of random baseball cards on my way out.  There are stacks and stacks of these at the front table of the shop for each of the major sports for five smackers.

This is probably the best way for the owner to get rid of junk wax, which is normally what they are stocked with; but, every now and then, I grab one.  It's more bang for your buck than a pack of Stadium Club after all and I usually get a few interesting cards out of it.

Worst case scenario, I get a storage box out of the deal.

However, this wasn't a normal box.  Instead of finding stacks and stacks of 1991 Fleer or 1989 Topps with a handful of more recent cast-offs, this was almost entirely new stuff.  I'm talking 2015 Prizm, 2015 Series One Topps, etc.

I was ecstatic - this box must have been a result of some local case breakers who don't give a crap about base cards and left them behind.  Like that old classic rock band who doesn't know when to quit, that's playing the second stage at the state fair - it's all about the hits!

There was plenty of cool stuff to be found in this box; so, here's a lengthy, picture heavy post to show it all off, starting with the really recent product:

I already have this Series 1 Mendy; but it's my favorite card in the set with that excellent 60's throwback.  I'll take two more, just for the heck of it.

A couple of former Cubs for the respective player collections.  That Dioner is a true gem of a photo (though not particularly flattering) and, continuing the jersey infatuation theme, I adore those Giants alternates with the old-fashioned "NY" era logo.

It's not just base cards either.  That's the rainbow-foil parallel of Cliff Lee right?  That's what they call that?  No matter, it sure looks pretty.  Heyward might now play for my most hated team, but I like that the photo spotlights his unique batting helmet.  Something different and all that jazz.

There was a nice sampling of Bowman to be found too.  Check out that shiny, mini Dodger prospect that I've never heard of!  Who doesn't like shiny?  Greg Holland must not; look at him recoiling in fear!

This stuff hadn't even been on the shelves for a week and there are already stacks of it in a repack box.  That says a lot about what collectors think of the unlicensed stuff, huh?  Oh well, Kuechel is one of my favorite non-Cub pitchers - even if his last name is dangerous close to a racial slur - and I'll always take a Team USA card of a MLB player.

Here we have last years' edition of Archives.  Those basketball tall boys were by far the best insert set of the series and one of the best found in any product, in my humble opinion.  Hopefully Miggy's first career DL stint is short.

Wade Miley must have just heard Miggy's unfortunate news - look at that frown!

Here we have Garza at both ends of his career.  We have a fresh-faced Twin sophomore and an emotionally-charged-faced Brewer disappointment.  I like to keep a card of each Cub on every team they've played with, so these will be useful.

If I ever decide to actually pursue a collection of players that the Cubs once had under contract and set free before they joined the MLB squad, these will be a couple of the more painful additions.

Nolasco (and half of the farm system) were part of the package the Cubs gave to Florida in 2006 for one year of mediocrity from Juan Pierre.  Meanwhile, the late-blooming Donaldson was moved to Oakland as an afterthought in a "win now" deal for Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin in 2008.

I can live with the Harden deal, as he was dynamite during the playoff chase, but I want a mulligan on that Pierre swap.

A couple of neat new Gooses....Geese?  

The insert from Topps is alright; but a card that pairs Rich with a fellow HOFer and shows him in a relatively unfamiliar uniform?  Even if it is '92 Donruss, that takes the cake!

Some more 2007 Topps because I found more than a few in there.  I like this set more than most because I have an affinity for black borders, even if the design within them is flawed.  

Here we have a couple of names that make me unconsciously cringe - Davis for being hammered like a nail as a Cub and Patterson for would could have been.

You know what's cool?  Acetate cards are cool.  I found some sluggers from UD's Elements series (which I had no idea existed) within the repack and I enjoy their translucent awesomeness - even if they have nothing to do with the Cubs.

Minor League cards of Major League players have always held my interest.  Especially so when they feature teams such as the Montgomery Biscuits.  God bless minor league baseball!

This is a just a elegant and appropriately reverent set.  While they may be Hall of Famers for their achievements in St. Louis, both of these guys left their mark on the Northside of Chicago as well.

There were a few more of these cards to be found; but, these are my personal favorites.

Fleer Triple Crown was well-represented within the box as well.  Thus, I was treated to some "Grade-A" throwbacks, plus a Negro League cameo and a Cubbie cult hero in Clement.

Surprisingly, there was also a full Cubs team set of 2001 Fleer Tradition to be found.  Joey gets to represent the set because this is only my second card of the failed prospect; meanwhile, Jon gets the call due to the rare pitcher with a batting helmet head shot.

This set is mostly very well designed, except for here.  Did Rick Aguilera pitch with a mask on in 2000 or something?  Who stole his face from this Team Leaders card?

Perhaps he was too embarrassed to admit he was on the 2000 Cubs - most of the roster probably was anyway.

Speaking of full sets, there was a complete grouping of Subway Series commemorative cards in there, in addition.  Since I have no love for either New York baseball franchise, I'm showing this one off just because I have had a fascination with trains since I was a wee lad and any baseball card that also features a train is OK in my book.

Alright, let's put a bookmark right here and continue on with this post tomorrow; my blogging stamina is running thin.

Tomorrow I'll show off the older contents of the 800-count box.  These are mostly junk wax (I didn't say the box was devoid of the stuff); but, that doesn't mean there aren't a few diamonds in the rough.

Everything you see above is available for trade; so, if you see anything you like, just let me know!  

I may have thought I knew what was in this box - but I guess you just never know for sure:


  1. That's a pretty decent bunch of cards for just five bucks. It seems like some players just have that badassery factor where you can look at them and say, "Wow, that guy is hard as nails!" Goose Gossage is one of those guys (at least in my mind).

  2. I need to hit the LCS to snag a few of these.

    And if those throwbacks aren't finding love at your place, I can find a home for them.

  3. That's a solid box right there! Love the Subway Series card in particular.

  4. Five bucks!?! That's terrific! My LCS has five-buck boxes but they're half the size. Still a good deal, but that's a GREAT deal!