Monday, July 6, 2015

Nothing's Fine, I'm Torn

Jorge Soler came off of the disabled list yesterday and went 0-3 in the Cubs 2-0 win over Miami.  In order to add Jorge back onto the active roster, a corresponding move was made and I was added to the 15-Day disabled list with a torn hamstring.

OK, so the actual move was sending Matt Szczur down to AAA; but, I really did tear my hamstring and I have been rendered essentially immobile for the next two weeks.  I'm going to go so very stir crazy.

The injury wasn't the result of some crazy Fourth of July partying, rather I was about to go out for a run and attempted to chase down my girlfriend in her car to tell her something as she was leaving.

Taking off in a dead sprint without any sort of warm up is always a terrible idea and goes against everything I've been taught in 12 years of competitive running - damn my impulses!  Needless to say, I felt a pop and went down in the street like I got hit by a sniper.

On the bright side, I'll now have more time to blog since I'm restricted to crutches and office work for the time being.  In honor of my hamstring injury, allow me to show off a rather nice card that I pulled of Mr. Soler a few weeks ago:

What's the correlation between this relic and my injury?  Last season, Soler suffered a strain/slight tear to each of his hamstrings over the course of the season that caused some to think his prospect status was slipping.  While my professional career does not hang in the balance, I can now (literally) feel his pain.

This is a beauty of a relic from the 2014 edition of the Minor League Heritage.  Pictured in his AA Tennessee Smokies garb, I was fortunate enough to pull this slight pinstripe swatch from a random pack at my LCS  - a pack that I only grabbed to round my purchase up to the minimum five bucks for a debit card purchase.

Karma was with me that day.

I've been looking for some sort of reason/occasion to show off this card for several weeks; however, this really wasn't the event that I was hoping for!

At any rate, here's hoping the Soler comes back in full-force after this latest injury (non-hamstring related) and brings some much needed thump back to the Cubs' lineup; who, despite winning, have been playing like a Deadball Era club over the past week.

Also, here's selfishly hoping that I can come back in full-force relatively quickly as well.  I have races to run, work to attend to and things to do - I'll be even more saddened if I have to hobble around all summer.

This is how I feel.

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  1. Get better soon, my friend! Hopefully you won't have to spend as much time on the DL as Soler did.