Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Happ-ening

My fiancee has never bought me a pack of cards that didn't contain something I need or a nice hit - she's got the magic touch.  As such, when we were milling about Target a few days ago and I realized that I still had some coupons burning a hole in my pocket, I asked her to kindly select a couple more retail packs of Bowman for me.

I, thinking that her luck has to run out at some point, was quite surprised to see that she did it again:

It's nothing too special to the non-Cubs collector, but I was more than happy to acquire my very first card of last year's 9th overall draft pick Ian Happ - and the chrome version at that.  Shiny!

They list Mr. Happ as an outfielder here, which is understandable since that is where he played exclusively last year.  However, the University of Cincinnati product played mostly second base in college and the Cubs want to give him a chance to prove himself on the infield.  As such, Ian has been manning the keystone for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans in A+ ball.

Ian's bat, as a college draft choice, is fairly advanced and should progress quickly through the system.  As of right now, he's got a nice .283/.400/.500 slash line with a .900 OPS - if he keeps this up, he might see AA before the season is out.  Maybe I'll be adding this beauty to my CATRC binder sooner rather than later.

Of course, Ian wasn't alone in the packs:

Oh hey, that name seems pretty familiar - is he any good?

*sarcasm alert*

Whenever I come across a card of "Kap," really any Yankee prospect, my mind has been trained to immediately think of Zippy Zappy at Torren' Up Cards.  He's got me trained!

Oooooh more shiny!

I love the Bowman Scout's Top 100 insert - it's nice to have a compendium of the top prospects across baseball in cardboard form; however, that said, I wish I pulled a Cub.  As it stands, Amir Garrett has been lights out in AA (1.52 ERA in 29.2 innings) - not too shabby for #72 here.

You've heard of Ricky Bobby, the man with two first names; well, behold the man with two last names in Oneal Cruz.  He sure doesn't look Irish... he also doesn't look thrilled to be there.

Such a busy background on these inserts - hasn't anyone ever heard the saying KISS?  Keep It Simple Stupid.  As it is, the background is super distracting.

With that, we've covered all of the notable cards in the two packs that caught my interest.  There may have only been one Cub, but it was enough of a doozy to keep me satisfied.  You might say that these packs were "Happ-ening!"

Thank you to my wonderful fiancee for continuing to have that magical touch and for also feeding and nurturing my cardboard addiction... I mean hobby.  There is no doubt in my mind that I was truly lucky in finding her.

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  1. Man, you're lucky. My wife never buys me cards because she says she wouldn't know what to buy. I've told her that anything will do, because it honestly would, but I guess it's something she's not going to buy for me.