Tuesday, May 10, 2016

No Minor Exchange

One of the things that keeps me going through a long and tiring work day is the anticipation of getting home and checking my mail.  Seriously - just the prospect alone that I might find a PWE full of baseball cards in my mailbox is enough to motivate me not to get into my car and make a run for the border.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this sentiment, amongst the card collecting folk.

Speaking of prospects, the latest PWE to keep me in the country came from Marcus of All the Way to the Backstop fame (sidenote - your blog is always a good read).  This envelope was built around two pretty big prospects who have, thus far, more than justified the hype:

Neither one of these guys were in the minors for very long in 2015; however, Choice was certainly justified in their "choice" of including these two youngsters in their PCL Top Prospects set.  I mean, just on collectability alone, you can't really fault them, even though both were graduated long before this set hit the market.

I love minor league cards - something about seeing future MLB stars before they made it - and these faux-1982 Topps stylized beauties will nestle into my "Baby Bears" collection quite nicely!

That wasn't all there was to be found either.

Along with the PCL cards, I had inquired about this framed piece of work when Marcus dangled them as trade bait a few days ago.  I don't normally go for the gimmicky, novelty stuff; that said, there is no denying that a blue framing around a Cubs card looks phenomenal.

I'll bite on a blue-bordered parallel of a Cub anytime.  This will definitely be representing Lackey in my Cubs All-Time Roster Collection binder.

From here out, Marcus was free-styling.  While I specifically inquired about the first three cards, everything else was an added bonus and out of the kindness of his heart.  That kind of kindness was notable, seeing as the Cubs and his beloved Padres will be waging war as of today.

Here's a couple of inserts from Flagship... and there's that Kris Bryant dude again.  Two Bryants in one package is always a welcome sight, seeing as the hometown markup on even a normal base card is ludicrous around these parts.

Starlin Castro certainly had a debut to remember, worthy enough to merit it's own card.  In fact, I remember exactly where I was, listening to him homer in his first at-bat and proceed to drive in a record-breaking 6 runs before the night was through as I drove around Joliet, likely hiding from my college homework.

Meanwhile, Kris Bryant posted an 0-fer in his first game, so this card sorta reeks of Topps wanting an excuse to add another card of the guy.  No matter, I'll love it just the same!

Here's another couple of young guys who have been key cogs in the newly rebuilt Cubs machine, in Donruss form.  Two cards I wouldn't have minded pulling in my forays into ripping the product, but I didn't get a single Cub.  Thank you Marcus for rectifying that situation.

Javy Baez is fresh on the mind for having just walked-off the Nationals, as part of an improbably 4-game sweep, after a marathon on Mother's Day.  The kid has tremendous power; however, his defense is truly Gold Glove level at pretty much any position.  He's like a young Ben Zobrist with much more pop; not a bad combo there.

Meanwhile, it's a pretty big bummer to us Cubs fans that Schwarber will be on the shelf for the rest of the year, especially after his postseason performance last season (5 homers, including the legendary Schwar-board shot)  However, the fact that the Cubs are as good as they are, even without a key middle of the order bat, is certainly an attribute to their depth.

Hey - another one of the "Wrigley Field Celebrates 100 Years" inserts that I needed.  I really ahve to sit down and cross-reference what I have and what I still need for my favorite Flagship insert set of the year.  I've got to be getting close to completing it, by now.

The previously discussed blue borders look great on Cubs cards; but, is there anyway better to frame this legendary Cubs hurler than with bricks and ivy?  Methinks not.

Three Kris Bryant cards in one envelope!?  Is that even legal in Chicago?

My LCS's would be charging three bucks a pop for this unlicensed base card, at least five for the Flagship MLB Debut insert and likely upwards of ten for the minor league single.  That's the kind of craziness that Kris Bryant commands in the Windy City card-collecting market.

But who can say no to those entrancing eyes?  We'll pay whatever it takes, Kris!

Marcus, I'm pretty sure you've nearly doubled my Bryant collection with this trade - for that I give you a hearty thank you!

Well, actually, I give you a hearty thanks for the whole envelope - it was absolutely jam-packed with fun and exciting cardboard that was needed for my collection.  For that, maybe I'll put a word in for the Northsiders let the Padres have ONE game in the series :D


  1. What a trade package there! I'm a total sucker for minor league cards as well, those two you led off with are beauties.

  2. Solid package of Cubbies right there. I got the same feeling whenever someone sends me a Bryant or I pull one from a pack -- "Glad I pulled this/got this in the mail because no way would I spend five bucks on it at a card show and/or LCS!"

  3. Solid package from Marcus. Good to see he's still alive and kickin'!
    If you have any dupes of the Wrigley cards be sure to let a fellow Cub fan know.