Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sam I Am - a Guest Post

Hey there blogosphere friends! Sam, soon to be Mrs. Burbs, here. Your normal host, Tony Burbs, is sitting this round out and I’m taking a shot at it. 

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So, let me introduce myself. I am not a baseball card collector, but I got a crash course in all things baseball about three and a half years ago when Tony and I got together.  We have a lot in common and about equally as much not. I am a retail manager, yogi, wannabe chef, part-time health and wellness coach, crazy cat lady, and book worm. Tony is an avid runner, baseball card collector, loves all sports but bleeds Cubbie blue, stand-up comedy is his happy place, and he loves late night TV. 

Since day one, we jumped into trying to share our hobbies with the other.  Some with success (LOL at Stephen Colbert!) and some with more of a lukewarm reaction (I’m still alone for my cooking show).  But recently we were in Target and he made his turn to the cards where normally I would stand and look at candy or my phone while Burbs mulled over his choices. 


I decided to buy a pack of Garbage Pail Kids because they looked fun and had a political theme. Burbs was so happy I thought he teared up a little and whisked me to the check out before I could realize how silly it was and boom… next thing I know it’s a few weeks later and I have a baby binder filling up with cards that make me smile. 

Let’s check the highlight reel:

Garbage Pail Kids- Hounded HILLARY

This lady graced my very first pack of cards and made me so happy I think I puked a rainbow.  I love politics and I love a good roast.  This card features the Democratic nominee wannabe kicking over a laptop with emails on display.  The play on the confidential emails gave me a giggle.  #HillYes

Garbage Pail Kids- Phony PHIL

This gem features a zombie who is still staring at his phone.  The social commentary cracks me up because my biggest pet peeve is probably the zombie like state of so many people all because of a little screen… to read about other people’s lives.  No.  Bad.  Are you reading this on your phone while hanging out with other humans in person? Then stop being a Phony Phil and come back to me when your alone.  I promise, I’ll be waiting right here. 

Topps- Gordon Beckham

Oh, Burbs didn’t tell you? I’m a White Sox fan (also number one in their division).  My favorite man is former second baseman Beckham, even if he's a Brave now.  I love his walk up (Your Love by the Outfield) and, even though there is no relation, I’m just a fan of any Beckham (Gordon, Victoria, and David). Burbs gave me this card when we created this binder and it was his little home run. 

Decision 2016- Barrack Obama

I’m not here to debate politics.  But I love me some Barry O.  So my collection wouldn’t be complete without his smiling face on a card (or three in full disclosure). 

Panini - Justin Bieber  

I’m a mild Belieber… and I have a friend who shares this small crush.  So we like to mail each other Justin Bieber themed holiday cards and even had temporary tattoos declaring our love for Valentine’s Day once.  My collection needed the Biebs.

Well I’m sure you guys miss Tony Burbs by now.  So I will go ahead and give him back his blog and everyone can enjoy some baseball card info. 



  1. Fill the binder and start your own blog. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

  2. I was all set to make some comment about your mental state considering you are engaged to Tony and then you drop your south side allegiance.

    You are officially my favorite blogger on this website.

  3. Play Your Love on a jukebox and people will instantly start singing at the top of their lungs.

    Garbage Pail Blog!!!! Start it right now

  4. Man, a Belieber? I'll have to confer with the cardsphere council to see if they'll allow you admittance to our little community. LOL
    Great first post! Welcome!

  5. Burbs' beau has a bias towards Beckham, Barack and Bieber? No problem, you're always welcome to come back and guest post. I promise I won't inflict my alliteration on you again.

    ...Unless you want me to...

  6. If you like Garbage Pail Kids, then try Wacky Packages!

  7. Nice guest post! Always nice to see our SOs in on the hobby a bit.