Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Cubs in the Mail Day!

A very happy Cubs in the Mail Day to you all!  I can only hope that you were nice and well-behaved all year and Fergie Jenkins came around to leave you Cubs baseball cards in your mail receptacle.  Naughty bloggers get Cardinals cards.

What?  You didn't know this was a thing??  Well, it turns out that it is; however, it's not the greatest pitcher in Cubs history and defacto franchise mascot running around from town to town leaving baseball cards in people's mailboxes - it's the one and only Stealing Home of All Trade Bait, All The Time fame distributing gems like that Kyle Schwarber disc from this year's Heritage checklist (well, I guess it's literally the mail carrier, but you get the gist).

This is a holiday that I can really sink my teeth into - turns out that you CAN always get what you want!

Of course, while the Schwarber disc would have be enough of a surprise on it's own, it did not come unaccompanied.  Stealing Home made sure that Schwar-bomb had plenty of company within the PWE he surprised me with:

For instance, we've got a couple of junk-wax gems featuring all-time franchise favorites.  My record keeping is fairly shoddy, but I think that both of these cards are brand new to my collection.  Any day I can add a new Mad Dog to my hoard is a good day!

Another junk-wax gem here, later period though.  This one showcases somewhat of a Chicago folk-hero in Doug Dascenzo - a speedy, limp-bat outfielder who was more beloved for his dalliances with the pitching rubber than anything else he ever did.  In four games and 5 innings on the mound, Dougie never gave up a single run; not John Baker-good, but impressive nonetheless.

Also, any card that features Wrigley's ivy as a backdrop is a beauty in my book.

Ryne Sandberg cards are also always a beauty to behold.  I don't think I had either of these before Stealing Home swooped in either.  I'm starting to learn that there are some vast gaps in my junkwax-era collection.

Based on the '92 All Stars card, you might say that I "spaced" out on that fact. Ba dum tis.

A Rizzo and a second Schwarber!  I greatly appreciate any card of Kyle that I get via trade for the same reasons that I detailed about Kris Bryant cards in Tuesday's post - the hometown markup for the young Cubs core is insane.  This base rookie card would probably be $3 or $4, while the inserts that kicks off this post would probably be between $5-$10.

Rizzo's hometown markup isn't quite as bad, seeing as he's been around longer and there's more of his product available.  Nevertheless, I'm never going to turn down the call of the "Riz!"

Some faux-vintage honoring one of many superb days in the long, Hall of Fame career of Ernie Banks.  On this particular day, "Mr. Cub" smashed three homers in one game for the third time of his career.  Ernie wasn't doing this on strokers either - the first two came off of Sandy Koufax!

I like the play on his famous catchphrases here - I only wish the Cubs actually showed up to play two yesterday.

Wrapping things up, we go from faux-vintage to the real McCoy.  That 1979 Topps Dave Kingman is nice enough; however, you just don't find a lot of unsolicited, 50 year old cardboard in the mailbox. This 1965 team card is a more-than-welcome addition to my binders, even if they were lowly, eight place finishers.

With that, I've come to the end of my Cub in the Mail Day stash.  Thank you, Stealing Home, for the exceptionally generous, surprise mailing - it was greatly appreciated.  If I were you, I'd expect some Dodger cards to show up on your doorstep in the near future, just sayin'.

After all, I hear Dodgers in the Mail Day is coming up soon...


  1. Is Dodgers in the mail day coming up that fast? Shoot, I'd better get everybody on my list checked off. It always sneaks up on me.

    1. Dude, that list has to be really long. Seems like there are more Dodger bloggers out there than any other team.

  2. Glad you dig the cards! That 8th place Cubs card just called to me from a card show bin long ago. It's been one of my faves since then. Glad it's in your hands now.