Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Minor Post

I haven't got much time to squeeze a post in today.  In fact, don't tell anybody, but I'm doing this on my office computer during work hours.

I'm a bad man.

So, I'm going to make this short and sweet so that I don't miss two days in a row and lapse into bad habits.

For this quick, minor post, here is a "minor" card that I picked up recently:

The Kurt Seibert era on the North Side of Chicago lasted for all of 7 games back in September of 1979.

The roster expansion call-up only saw 2 AB's in that time and went hitless in both of them with 1 K.  However, he did handle two chances at 2nd base flawlessly - so, he has that to hang his hat on.

Seibert was a 3rd round draft choice in 1976, continuing the long tradition of high-round busts for the Cubbies.  His minor league numbers were good, but not great and he was sent packing after that brief trial (likely given more as a thank you for being a good organizational guy than earned on merit).

Kurt enjoying his cuppacoffee, courtesy of

Minnesota gave him a shot on a minor league deal for the next two seasons, the stint from which this 1981 TCMA card dates from.  With the AAA Toledo Mud Hens, Kurt batted .256 and .237 in limited playing time before he decided to quit playing in the mud.

This card had been a high priority pick-up for me for a few of reasons:

  1. This is 1 of only 2 baseball cards for Mr. Seibert that I have discovered, both from TCMA. 
  2. The Toledo Mud Hens might be my favorite minor league team name of all-time.
  3. Singles from this release are pricey - usually around $9 w/o shipping on Ebay; Kurt is no exception.
So, when I saw this card pop up in a long-saved search for $1 with shipping included, I pounced with glee.  The chances of this card randomly showing up in a box at my LCS were slim to none and I wasn't about to pay the aforementioned prices listed on Ebay.

Patience is a virtue, I suppose. 

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