Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas - Now Get Out!

Tomorrow is the big day!  As such, I'm sure that preparations for large family gatherings, massive amounts of cooking, last minute gift shopping and wrapping, etc. etc. are all under way.  No one has time to read baseball card blogs right now.  Right?

Well, apparently I have a little time to write for one.  The perks of having to be up for work at 5:30...

Anyway, in the last day or so, the Cubs have officially parted with a couple of role players.  Nothing says "Merry Christmas!" quite like kicking someone out of the door.  Since the name of this blog is Wrigley Roster Jenga and these moves fit that nameplate, I feel obligated to knock out a quick post.

Since this isn't all that interesting to anyone who doesn't root for the Cubs, it's no big deal since I'm sure everyone has far more important things going on.

First off, the Cubs have already parted ways with Brendan Ryan, the veteran utility man acquired as the PTBNL in the Starlin Castro/Adam Warren swap.  His inclusion felt weird from the get-go; what use would the Cubs have for an all-glove, anemic bat middle infielder when the system is basically busting at the seems with better players up the middle.

Well, I think it's obvious now that he was sent to Chicago as a bit of salary relief for the Yankees, which feels weird to type having lived through the George Steinbrenner era.

Peace out Brendan, sorry you didn't get to be a real Cub.

Additionally, though he was designated for assignment last week; ironically, his removal from the 40-man was necessary to add the aforementioned Brendan Ryan to the roster (Roster Jenga'ing at it's finest, right here).  He was officially commandeered... ahem.... I mean claimed by the Pirates yesterday.

The reliever with a live arm wasn't able to put anything together in Chicago, logging a 4.71 ERA and losing two full mph on the radar gun.  Not good.  All it cost to add Medina to the system was Welington Castillo, who went on to pop 17 homers in just 80 games with Arizona.

Well, not every trade can be of the Jake Arrieta/Pedro Strop fleecing variety, right?

To be fair, I don't think anyone saw his break out coming

And there you have it.  There have been several other minor league signings in the last few days as well; however, I'll save coverage of those deals for my annual spring training ranking of the NRI's.  I need to spread out my talking points, after all.

Besides, like you the readers, I too have a lot to accomplish in the next two days.  Three different family parties in two different states and three different towns, not to mention I work both mornings. The holiday stress is real.

I guess it could be worse - I could have been cut from my job right before... sorry Mr. Ryan.


  1. The Cubs dodged a bullet with Brendan Ryan. It should give the fans something to be thankful for this holiday season.

  2. Ryan was a redundant piece with Javy coming off the bench and I was never on the Medina bandwagon.
    I do wish we had a side of Beef Welington though!
    Happy Holidays!