Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A PWE from Stealing Home

This is the week where I'm going to catch up on trade packages; I'm all sorts of backed up when it comes to showing off the generosity of other bloggers and I really should get on that.  Maybe prune juice will help speed this along?  Wait, I think that's a different kind of backed up...

First up, a few days ago, Stealing Home - the proprietor of All Trade Bait, All the Time - mentioned on one of my posts that he might have some Sosas, Sandbergs and such that I might be interested in.  Of course, I'm always interested in free baseball cards and an opportunity to shed some unneeded Dodger cards, so I jumped all over that offer.

Just like that, the trade was consummated:

It might be a very small gesture; but, I always get a little more joy when a note is included in a trade package.  It just makes the exchange feel more personable and friendly; plus, it differentiates the envelope from the various purchases I've made from Ebay and the like, which are all cold and proper.

However, you didn't come here to look at pictures of post-it notes, even though the Rolling Stones stationary is definitely a good choice.  So, let's take a look at some cards, eh?

A couple of new Sammy's for my collection is always a good way to start out.  UD R-Class is not a product I am even the least bit familiar with, a card that catches him the middle of his majestic swing is always appealing (even if it is cropped a little too tightly),  Additionally, I have very little UD Victory, so chances were good that I'd need this one too.

Stealing Home also delivered on his promise of Sandberg as well.  Believe it or not, I did not have that '87 Opening Day from Donruss yet, even though it falls right in the thick of the junk wax era.  Meanwhile, did already have the card on the right; that said, this is probably my favorite Ryno card ever produced and I'll never turn down a new copy.

Another '87 Opening day and another couple of franchise favorites.  Again, I was quite surprised to find out that both of these were new to my collection.  I guess that's what happens when your collecting focuses get as narrow as mine tend to be.

Here we have a couple examples of when Archives was more of a re-print brand than Heritage-lite.  I have to say, I have always enjoyed this era, as it has it's own purpose and doesn't feel like a cheap knock-off of Heritage on flimsy card stock.  Additionally, I think I've made it abundantly clear that I have an affinity for reprints.

Check out those sweet sideburns on Pepitone!  My mother had a giant crush on him during his one year stint in Chicago; so, that's weird.  Holtzman is, to this day, still the greatest left-handed pitcher that the Cubs have employed in the modern era (hopefully Lester ends that).  That said, he doesn't get much love from either the card manufacturers or the franchise and that just doesn't seem right.

Oh hey, speaking of Heritage, here's the fan-favorite of all fan-favorites here in Chicago, Mr. Cub.  This excellent, in action shot from the Flashbacks insert of a few years ago rocks.  From the excellent sleeve patch of the classic Cubbie bear (that I wish the team would bring back), to the intensity and focus shown on Banks' face and the exquisitely 60's mustard yellow jacket in the background... it's all superb.

A couple of more recent names for you, Geovany Soto burst onto the scene in a big way - slugging a homerun in the 2007 playoffs and winning ROY in 2008.  However, his star burned out quickly and he has since settled into the role of nomadic backup catcher, having just signed with the Angels.  Of course, there's nothing wrong with that and he's been quite useful, it just seemed like he could have been so much more...

Alberto Cabrera never had that brief moment in the spotlight.  The once promising arm was derailed by injuries and only sparingly pitched in the Bigs.  This is the only MLB card that exists of the guy and Stealing Home managed to land it for this PWE - nice!

However, despite all of the franchise greats and fan favorites Stealing Home included in this generous PWE, it was the card that you see above that stole the show.

When I pulled this card out, my first thought was "I don't remember this edition of Sportflics..."  I didn't realize that Topps IIID was ever a thing and for that I am disappointed with myself.  As much as that mustard yellow jacket screamed 60's, this concept just oozes 90's and that's more than alright with me.  3D, futuristic, in your face design - surely this will be worth something some day!*

*This will most certainly not be worth anything ever, compounded by the fact that Rey Sanchez was a disposable player

This is easily my favorite card of Rey Sanchez in my collection and, as such, it will be slotted into his pocket in my CATRC binder.

and you don't even need these to make it pop!

Thank you Stealing Home for the supremely entertaining and useful trade package, I hope that you found what I sent you to be useful towards your collection.

As I mentioned earlier, I'll be trying to use my time the rest of this week for catching up with the incoming trade packages that have built up on my desk.  So, if you sent me something and are wondering hwy the hell it's taking me so long to show it off, I will be doing so soon.

To close things out, in a call-back to Stealing Home's rockin' stationary, I'll allow my favorite Rolling Stone's song to play me out.  This was a much tougher choice than I expected it to be; but, I guess when you're a band for over 50 years, you're going to have an awful lot to choose from, huh?


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Tony.
    Sometimes it's hard to avoid sending dupes to a team collectr, so I'm glad I managed to find some new stuff for you.
    And Tumbling Dice, a very nice choice, as it's my favorite Stones tune as well.
    Merry Christmas, and as Mick says.."You can be my partner in cri -iiii -iime.."

  2. At least the production came early for Soto and the Cubs didn't give out some crazy contract.