Friday, December 4, 2015

I'll Have a (Cubbie) Blue Christmas

It's that time of year again - Christmastime is upon us and there ain't no stoppin' it.  It's time to get shopping, bake some gingerbread men and see who can get the most ridiculous with their seasonal decorations.

As such, the girlfriend and I dragged our holiday boxes out of storage and set to work.

Upon surveying what we had to work with, I had some questions.  For instance, what do I do with this goofy Santa hat?

It's far too itchy to wear and I'd probably get a lot of strange looks.  Also, where did it even come from?  I have no recollection of obtaining it.

Furthermore, it seems like everyone's go-to gift for when they do not know what to get me is ornaments.  But, not just any ornaments, Cubs ornaments.  My love for Cubs baseball is apparently legendary in these parts and everyone feeds it.

My parents... girlfriend's sister...

....her aunt really spoiled me...

Hell, even my next-door neighbors get in on the action:

They even hand painted their contributions; that's some true Christmas spirit right there!

In total, I had way too many baseball-themed ornaments to put on our master tree; they would completely overwhelm the faux-evergreen and my girlfriend would be one unhappy camper.  Plus, we already had a nice stack of ornaments that we are quite attached too and the tree only has so much space.

So - what do you do with a random Kringle-ish Cubs hat, a large and varied assortment of Northsider ornaments and some old junk-wax baseball cards that you have triples and quadruples of?

Well, I think the answer is pretty clear:

You buy a mini-tannenbaum and go all-out!  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - combining my love of the Cubs with holly jolly fun is definitely the best way to get me into the Christmas spirit.  My friends and family probably think I'm kooky; but, then they probably thought that anyway, so...

Now, am I the only one who does something like this?  Or, does one of you out there have a spiffy St. Louis Cardinals wreath, a Green Bay Packers light display or perhaps a Detroit Red Wings nativity scene?  You can tell me, I promise I won't come and desecrate it - it is the Christmas season after all!


  1. That's awesome! I may have to steal that idea of turning junk wax quadruples into ornaments. I don't think I've got any baseball/Christmas hybrid things. --well, except for my healthy collection of cards #'d 12/25, if that counts. I should display them this time of year.

    1. There truly would be no better time then this to display those cards. Just don't punch holes in those cards!

  2. That tree looks pretty cool. Now it just needs to set itself on fire. :)

    Just kidding. The use of the junk wax is brilliant. I may need a mini Sox tree in my office.

    1. Dwell, if October was any indication, I think my tree is just going to collapse suddenly one of these days.

  3. Dude, that tree is the shite!
    I've got one of those Dodger santa hats myself. I don it every year cuz it's the Dodgers, but man, that thing gets hot inside the house.
    Also, nice pick with Elvis and Blue Christmas. I pull out my Elvis Christmas album every year.

  4. Great idea for the junk wax extras. I may have to get a tree to display at work and steal your idea, because there's no way my wife would allow something like that in the house.