Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's Wild Card Wednesday!

...and nerves are already starting to get to me.

But, before I succumbed to my nerves, I was able to quickly rattle off this custom playing card of the infallible Cubs ace, in honor of tonight's sudden death showdown in Pittsburgh.

However, you can tell the butterflies were starting to flutter in my stomach since I left the text at the bottom backwards - oh well.

Here's hoping that Jake will be dealing tonight and continue his historical season on the mound.  There's no reason to think that he won't; but, I'm a Cubs fan, so I'm conditioned to expect the worst.

I do know one thing though - no matter what, the game tonight will be edge of the seat exciting and whichever team wins definitely deserves to move on and face the Cardinals. long as it's the Cubs.


  1. He will be awesome. I'm just hoping we put up a run or two early and Maddon will be forced to pinch hit earlier than he would like.