Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cubs of a Different Color - The Letter E

Each Saturday, I'll showcase a letter of the alphabet as part of my collection of Cubs in different uniforms. Today, the letter "D" takes the spotlight.

But first, a refresher:

The rules:

  1. The card must depict them in an MLB uniform that is not the Cubs. 
  2. MiLB cards do not count; they go into their own, separate collection. 
  3. "Zero-year" cards do count, provided they show MLB teams (so Bowman Draft counts).
  4. Have fun (mandatory!)
  5. I chose each card based on availability, which I liked the best and variety in clubs - with extra weight given to teams each player may be most identifiable with. Plus, I may have been biased to other teams I have a rooting interest in (White Sox, Red Sox & Phillies). Sue me.

Here we go:

Page 1:
  • Rawly Eastwick - 1978 Topps #405 - Cardinals
    • We lead things off with a Cardinal... that's bad mojo.  Here's hoping that the Cubs can even up the series tonight.  Unfortunately, Jamie Garcia is a much better pitcher than the crudely airbrushed Eastwick.
  • Angel Echevarria - 1994 Bowman #610 - Rockies
    • I impatiently snagged this card off of Ebay when I thought it was at a decent price.  Then, a couple weeks later, Stubby included it in a trade package.  They always said that patience was a virtue... Regardless, it has a home now.
  • Dennis Eckersley - 1993 Leaf #72 - Athletics
    • Eck was on the call for game one of the NLDS last night and did a pretty fair job.  He was both a Cub and a Cardinal, so I guess his inclusion does make some sense.  That said, he's in the HOF for his time spent with Oakland, so I had to include him in green and gold.
  • Tom Edens - 1991 Topps #118 - Brewers
    • It's a long, long road out of Edens... I don;t really have much else to say, Tom was just one in a long line of faceless and skill-less middle relievers that the Cubs rolled through in the mid-90's.
  • Jim Edmonds - 1996 Score #359 - Angels
    • This card dates back to my original collection and was likely purchased by my late grandfather.  I remember being really excited to add this card to my Cubs binders about a decade later, when the Cubs signed him off the scrapheap.  Plus, did you really think I was going to include him as a Cardinal?
  • Hank Edwards -2003 Ronnie Joyner Browns #16- Browns
    • This is from a beauty of a set that I covered in detail here.  Hand-drawn artwork, bright colors, long-forgotten team... what's not to love?  This was an easy decision to include.
  • Lee Elia - 1987 Topps Traded #32T - Phillies
    • This f#%^*&@ card was the only god$%*&^# card I had of Elia to spare.  The mother f#%^*&@ decision was  f#%^*&@  made for me.
  • Shawn Estes - 1997 Score Premium Stock #270
    • Back when Estes looked like a potential TOR arm for the Giants; so, he got the Premium Stock treatment from Score, which is really just a silver parallel.  Just a few years later, he was the fifth starter who caused everyone in Chicago to cringe during the playoff push in 2003.
  • Johnny Evers - 1991 TSN Conlon Collection #15
    • He might be most famous for his time in Chicago; however, this poetic legend also managed and played for the Miracle Braves of 1914, who went form worst to first that summer.  It's only appropriate that such an improbable comeback should be honored in this binder.

As it turns out, I don't have very many "E" players:

Page 2:
  • Scott Eyre - 2004 Topps Total #52 - Giants
    • Insert obligatory "bring back Topps Total!" comment here.  Scott Eyre - otherwise known as the guy were traded for the legendary Brian Schlitter (heavy sarcasm).  Anyway, he was a decent late-inning reliever and an all-around nice guy who got a ring with Philly in 2008 thanks to that swap.

Alright. that does it for this week's edition of the Cubs of a Different Color collection. Next week (spoiler alert!), we'll take a look at the letter "F." It will feature "Little Babe Ruth," the guy given up for the cyborg known as Jake Arrieta and a former pitcher who is now making a living playing semi-pro football, among others.

See ya next time!

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