Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bears Sunday: They Actually Won!

It's time for another edition of "look at my new Bears roster collection!"  I recently gathering up Bears in a similar fashion to my CATRC; so, now that I have enough to really call it a collection, I'm going to show it off page by page.

Sorry that I didn't post my regular Saturday edition of my Cubs of a Different Color Collection; although, judging by the post views that that usually generates, you didn't really care.  I was at a local street fest all day and was far too busy enjoying myself to post.  Although, a few vendors had baseball cards and I'll be showing that stuff off in a few days.

In honor of the Bears finally breaking into the win column (against the Raiders though), let's take a look at a few pages of my Bears roster collection:

Not much to say about this group of players, other than Maury Buford looks like the least threatening football player of all-time.  If it wasn't the longing, Mariah Carey-esque pose that he's striking in that Pro Line Portrait, it has to be the long socks with shorts look that makes him look ridiculous.

Martellus Bennett is a good player with a very interesting personality, so I was happy to score that card on the bottom left on Listia.

Some excellent vintage cards to be found here.  That Jack Concannon comes from my favorite football set ever produced; since he's part of a long-line of disappointing QBs here in Chicago, it's price was well within in my budget.  Bobby Joe Green gets some punter love and Leslie Frazier powering through the snow are also a pretty sweet vintage pair.

Raymont Harris didn't really deliver on that promise that's emblazoned on the front of his card in the center; that said, he is sporting an excellent throwback uniform - so, he's got that going for him.

Some other no-names, "Papa Bear" George Halas looking on from the sidelines, and a Ricky Manning oddball that was part of a garage sale score previously detailed here.

 Brian Baschnagel has one of my favorite football names in the history of the Bears franchise - it's just a fun name to say.  Seriously, try it out,

Meanwhile, that Henry Melton might look like a Bears card; but, it's a dirty liar, masquerading as such.  If you look closely, despite being pictured in a Bears uniform with Bill & Ted's favorite number (69 dude!), he's listed as being a member of the Dallas Cowboys.  It's a phony!

That does it for this week's edition.  Maybe, just maybe when we pick this back up next week, the Monsters of the Midway will be marching back to the .500 mark.  After all, the Chiefs are also 1-3 and are pretty much a total mess too.

Ah, such low expectations.

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