Monday, August 10, 2015

Savers in Motion

There are three kinds of places that I love going to more than anything in life: garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores.  I'm probably the most exciting 20-something on the face of this here planet!

However, I've come to terms with my inherent boring nature and learned to embrace it.  So, I have no problems telling all of the internet that the highlight of my weekend was a trip to Savers - which is a national chain of thrift shops.

Now, normally, I can find a couple of cool LPs or 45's, some miscellaneous knick-knacks or a gag gift or two; however, baseball cards are usually nowhere to be found.  This, I figure, is a result of people thinking their junk wax is an untapped goldmine and trying to pawn them off on the LCS. This is a scene that I've seen plenty often enough.

While I did find a couple nice albums (Donnie Iris and Scandal), some clothes and an amusing book that might offend more religious folks, I was very surprised to also happen upon this:

A plastic baggie of baseball cards??  This is my second favorite thing to find in a plastic baggie!!  (The first is a sandwich, what the heck did ya think I meant?)

Not just yellow-bordered Donruss crapola either; I don't have any 1996 Sportflics (I mean Sportflix... because X is cooler to 90's kids) in my collection and rarely do I see it pop up.  This Savers repack contained a nice stack of said set, plus this card was visible on the back:

A fun set of which I have no cards from and a guaranteed Cub too?  I'll take that deal every time.  Mark Parent was only a Cub for two seasons (1994-95) and served as a backup catcher; so, a card in Cubbie blue is a rare sight, indeed!

Unfortunately, that was the only card in the whole pack that had the right uniform on it; that said, that doesn't mean I wasn't able to find a few former/future Cubs to stock my player collections with:

As you can see, you get the player's last name when you tilt it one way and a notable stat from their previous season when you tilt in the opposite way.This was cool technology back then kiddies!

He might have earned his fame in Toronto, but let's not forget that this World Series hero got his start on the North Side of Chicago and landed the Cubs Rick "the Red Baron" Sutcliffe!

Ugh, a Cardinal.  But, at least this guy was able to get out of his deal with the devil and spend the 2006 season in Chicago.

On second though, that wasn't so pleasant.  Brought in to be a pinch-hitter, that .307 avg turned into a whopping .205 and his lasting impression here was getting pummeled by Brian Anderson in the benches-clearing brawl that ensued after the Michael Barrett/A.J. Pierzynski bout.

Michael Tucker didn't really have a notable career at Wrigley Field either.  He served as an extra outfielder for a team that choked down the stretch in 2001 and the Cubs then traded him back to the Royals in the off season.

Still, something new for my collection.

The rookie cards from this set are probably my favorite part about it.  First off all, the transition between the bat to the ball background seems smoother than the normal cards backgrounds.  Plus, they just look cooler to me.

I don't always have to have a rational reason, right?

Shawn Estes might have been a young hurler with a ton of promise back in 1996; but, as a Cubs in 2003 he was the obvious weak link in the rotation.  As the fifth man, he posted an ERA 5.73 and somehow lasted for 28 starts.

The club succeed in spite of his turns and, thus, I'll always remember him fondly for his association with that "almost did it" Cub team.

Here's the rest of the '96 Flix that fell out of the baggie.  Does anyone want to call dibs on them?  I'm not really wed to the ones with Cubs connections either; so, don't be afraid to lay claim to those too, if you're so inclined.

Yes, I know.  Organization is a skill I really need to work on.  My girlfriend reminds me every day.

That was it for Sportflix, but there was a healthy assortment of some more recent product as well.  For instance, this mix of 2008 Upper Deck.  No one that I collect though - anyone need help building the set?

Also nestled in there was a small trove of...

...recent editions of Allen & Ginter.  Now, none of these are guys that I collect and I don't particularly care for these sets.  But, I know that some go ga-ga over Ginter; so, does anyone need some full-size...

...or minis?  Let me know if any of these interest you!

We close things out with a couple of future Cub relievers who had spotty (at best) records with the Chicago National League ball club.

All in all, there wasn't that much "oompf" in this particular repack, but it was worth it for the novelty factor alone.

Plus, that wasn't the only baseball-related trinket that I uncovered during this particular expedition to Savers.  In fact, the other purchase that I made was much more interesting.  However, that one will require a little bit lengthier of a write-up; so, I'll save that one for tomorrow. See ya then!

I know - this is the most intense cliffhanger since "who shot JR?" Right???


  1. Savers was where I found my first thrift store baseball cards a couple months ago. Thrift stores have become more and more of a go-to spot for me over the past couple years or so.

    That baggie looks like terrific deal. I'll take those Sportflix off your hands if you haven't had any takers yet, and I'd be in for the Carter/Mabry/Tucker Sportflix as well if you don't plan on keeping them. (Can use the Holland A&G mini as well.)

    Looking forward to seeing what else that thrift store trip had in store!

    1. They're all yours Nick. I had a stack of stuff I wanted to send your way anyway. Watch your mailbox!

  2. I've never been to Savers, but there are a few in and around the Kansas City area that I'd like to visit one day. I honestly never heard of it until a few months ago, but they seem like a fun place to check out. Then again I could shop any thrift/junk store and have a good time.

    Is that a Monty Hall card? That is pretty cool to pull if you are a game show fan like myself.

    1. I too could walk into any such store and enjoy myself. I mean, who know what you're going to find, right?

      I am a game show fan, however Let's Make a Deal was never on my radar. I was more of a Match Game, Jeopardy, Supermarket Sweep,Family Fued kinda guy. It's yours if you want it.