Monday, August 17, 2015

Baseball Cards on the Big Screen

As detailed in yesterday's post, I had the (mis)fortune of attending the final Crosstown Classic baseball game of the season.  While the Cubs took that 3 game set and split the season series with the Sox in total, it was an ugly loss and the dregs of each fan base populated most of the park.  

That said, I had the opportunity to attend a baseball game on a sunny, weekend day, take in a churro and a bucket of popcorn, get a free baseball card and (begrudgingly) appreciate a masterful performance by Chris Sale.  

I really shouldn't complain.

There was one other cool thing that I caught on camera.  All throughout the pre-game build-up, the White Sox paid tribute to the players of yore on both sides of town by creating a little montage of baseball cards on one of the jumbotrons.  Check it out here:

Please excuse the shakiness of the video - my hands are about as steady as Michael J. Fox's during a snowstorm.  I thought this was a neat little touch and something a little bit different than the normal birthday wishes, greetings, subliminal advertising or whatever it is they usually run on those things.

This would be a cool idea for each home series, hint hint White Sox promo people.

I would have included this in yesterday's post; however, apparently Google Drive and/or my wi-fi could not handle this 45 second file in a timely manner.  It took until this morning to finally upload.
I wasn't aware that I was asking my internet connection to handle Titanic, but I digress.

Here's hoping the Cubs can start another winning streak against the Tigers tomorrow, a team that I dislike immensely more than the White Sox.  This is a product of going to college with an abnormally large amount of Michiganders with big mouths; thus, I loathe everything Piston, Tiger, Lion, Red Wing, Wolverine, etc. related.

At any rate, I'm glad that I actually care about baseball in August again!

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