Sunday, August 16, 2015

Crosstown Coupons

Go to a Cubs vs. Sox game they said, it'll be fun they said...

Even if the Cubs had successfully pulled off the weekend sweep, the experience would have been relatively unpleasant.  Drunk and obnoxious non-fans make things worse for everyone... and they show up in droves to these games.

Add in the fact that Chris Sale took a no-hitter into the 6th (I don't think I could take two of those this season) and the Sox staff struck out 18 Cubs in total in a 3-1 defeat and I walked away pretty hot (97 degrees) and miserable.

On the bright side, I walked away with a couple of these oddball baseball cards that double as coupons for frozen treats.  Of course, I pocketed them and didn't get myself any ice cream; perhaps I should have though.  Did I mention it was hot?

The White Sox, like many teams across baseball, have borrowed the "sausage" race between innings promotion from Milwaukee.  However, instead of using encased meats. the promotional team uses sausagey looking likenesses of White Sox greats of the past.  This year, they've been using members of the 2005 WS Champion team.

In years past, they've done the Winning Ugly-era:

Fisk at his wurst - as in bratwurst.  Even a free gallon of milk doesn't offset his inhuman-looking face of terror.

I got this one from a White Sox game way back in 2013; so, they've been doing this sort of promotion for at least that long.  I certainly don't remember it extending much beyond that.

Anyway - these type of coupon cards make for interesting oddballs, no matter the case. So, I'll happily add them to my miscellaneous cool things collection, since they aren't Cubs.

In the meantime, I'm going to stop going to games because in two that I've attended this year, the Cubs starter didn't last 2 innings in the first game and then today happened as well.  I'm clearly bad luck.


  1. Please tell me you snagged about 100 of the Konerkos so you have a single one you can send to me.

    BTW - I agree on the drunk and obnoxious fan part. For the most part, you only get one or two of that type at a game on the south side. Drunk - a lot. Obnoxious - not so much. But the games against the Cubs seem to bring those duel jerks out in droves.

    1. Bad news - I did not grab 100 of them

      Good news - I did grab two, so one will be heading your way!

  2. I knew it wasn't the Cubs' day after seeing Sale pitch about two innings. Honestly, I'm just glad they didn't get no-hit again, because they very well could have the way Sale was throwing this afternoon.