Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Daddy Schwar-bucks is Coming to Town!

Lost among the (rightly deserved) hoopla of the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup for the third time in the last six years last night, the Cubs announced that yet another top prospect is getting the call to Chicago.

I have to wonder if Theo and Co. timed this announcement like that on purpose in order to keep the spotlight off of Wrigley; it's sort of the front office's MO to create as little pressure as possible upon the initial call up.

So, first we got Bryant, then Addy Russell and now...

Kyle Schwarber is coming to town!

His stay is expected to be brief. The Cuba have a stretch of AL style games coming up and, with the injury to Soler and Junior Lake continuing to be Junior Lake, don't have a viable option for DH.

Thus, since Kyle has been an absolute monster at AA, he's coming up to hopefully add some offense for the next six days and then will go down to AAA Iowa to finish his checklist.  We won't even have to have the catcher vs. outfielder debate since he probably won't even take the field.

I would not expect this plan to change, even if the kid hits .500, seeing as this was almost an emergency move and Theo doesn't like to deviate from the developmental plan. So, enjoy it while you can!

He doesn't look intimidating at all...

To celebrate, I hit the Web and finally picked up my first Schwarber card. I say finally even though he has yet to even arrive in the majors because it feels like even the local  high school JV kid who LOOKS competent has a card or two in a Panini or Leaf product.  End rant.

I chose the plain old base card from this year's edition of Bowman. A) because it's his first, non-photoshopped Cubs card. B) I kinda like this year's edition of Bowman.  C) it was cheap and I'm a tight wad.  Turns out that these Uber prospects can require a lot of money to collect... who knew, right?

At any rate, it's an exciting time to be a Cubs fan; the club is in the thick of the playoff race and the waves of talent are still hitting the shore.  Here's hoping that Schwarbs can make everyone forget about those Correa, Buxton and Lindor fellows and do some damage this week!

In the meantime, welcome to the CATRC Kyle!


  1. Oh man, I'm super excited about his debut! We need a good nickname for him!

    1. Hopefully something better than I just spat out!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what this guy can do.

    1. Me too and I have to wonder which big-time prospect gets the call next