Saturday, June 27, 2015

Can You Guess the Band?

Day one of three concerts in three nights was a definite success.  Cheap Trick put on an amazing show yesterday despite the fact that a steady rain fell all afternoon and all through the night.  A little rain never hurt anyone though.  That said, thankfully today is sunny and warm; y'know, like summer is supposed to be.

Here are two cards that represent the name of the band that I'm going to see tonight.

It's a two-part name and each one of these Cubs cards exemplifies a singular part.  This group really isn't my cup of tea, but they have one song that pretty much the entire country knows that seems to show up at every bar/dance/country fair.

Here's another set of cards that should give you a hint.  Do you see the pattern?.... Well, besides the fact that (excepting Harden's 2008 season) all of these guys were disappointing/insignificant during their time in Chicago.

The band that I'm seeing might be one-hit wonders, but these two guys were no-hit wonders.

One more because baseball works best in three's (3 strikes, 3 outs, 3-Finger Brown, etc.).

It looks almost as though poor Mr. Gustine took a baseball in his southern region; fitting, because this band is probably much more popular in the southern region of the US.

That's the best segue I've got.

First person to guess correctly... gets the satisfaction of knowing that they're smart - my trade box is in storage at the moment.  I'll owe ya something!