Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Misfit in My Collection

When it comes to collecting baseball cards, I must admit, I'm a bit of stickler when it comes to size.

I like organized, neat, 9-pocket pages of 2.5 x 3.5 cardboard rectangles.  It's both visually appealing and keeps my OCD in check.

But, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

When it comes to finding cards of the more obscure and/or antiquated players in Cubs history, I simply have to take what I can find; expand my horizons, or borders, per se.

Thus, my newest addition to the CATRC:

Don't get me wrong, this piece from Bob Parker's More Baseball Cartoons set is a lovely & artistic oddball that dates from 1977; but, it just doesn't fit in my collection.


This set is made up of over-sized art cards on thin stock with illustrated trivia about stars of baseball's past, ranging from Cal McVey here in the 1870's to the (then) more recent times of Ernie Banks.

The dimensions are rather odd; I don't have a ruler handy, but they are just about 1/2 an inch taller and wider than your average, every day post card.  So, the post card-sized pages I bought for this particular case are for naught.

So, I'll have to run to the LCS in a few days to pick up a full-size photograph page in order to put Cal into my CATRC.  #FirstWorldProblems

Cal as a Boston Red Stocking on an early baseball photo card that I'll never own

As for Cal himself, the man was a star on the mound, behind the plate and on first base in the earliest days of professional baseball.  However, as a member of the first NL Chicago White Stockings/Cubs roster in 1876, he stayed mainly on first.

I'll leave you to the scan for further tidbits on McVey's career, as Mr. Parker has done a much better job conveying that information with his cartoons than I ever could with my long, rambling words.

Though my new CATRC exhibit may be a bit of a misfit due to it's odd size, it's still very welcome in my collection.  After all, with all of the tobacco, exhibit and team issued cards in my binder, he's hardly the only misfit!

Besides, I love misfits - they add an extra level of character and variety to my collection.  It'd be kind of boring if it was made up of entirely Topps flagship wouldn't it?

Speaking of Misfits...

I'm just seeing them all over the place!  Soon after receiving this card in the mail, I went out and caught the Misfits live on stage.

For those who don't know, the Misfits emerged from the punk scene in the late 70's - unique for their lyrical fascination with horror and B-movies.  They broke up in 1983 due to in-fighting, but built up a steady cult following in the ensuing years, leading to reunions with several different lineups.  Today, Jerry Only is the only remaining original member

Their "fiend" mascot is one of the most iconic images in rock music.

I discovered them in college when I was assigned to expand our radio stations punk offerings and I was hooked.  When I saw that they were playing a show just down the street, I couldn't miss it, even if the roster was a little watered down.

The show was fun and the energy was absolutely infectious.  Though, much like seeing that classic rock band with 1 or 2 original guys left at your local county fair, it left something to be desired.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a true and full Misfits reunion someday.

But yea... baseball cards.... that's what this blog is about.  Oops.

The take away from this post is that despite my idiosyncrasies OCD tendencies and I actually love misfits, both in baseball cards and in rock'n'roll!

...And that it doesn't take much for me to skid off track.

But, mostly the former.

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