Friday, November 11, 2016

Pinstripes and Fatigues

I come from a long line of veterans - my grandfather on mother's side served in WWII, my grandfather on my father's side served in Korea, my uncle served in Vietnam and my cousin served in Afghanistan.  Meanwhile, my fiancee's family has a long history of service as well, with her grandfather, uncle and cousin all putting their time in to protect our country.  In short, Veteran's Day is an important day in our household.

Especially considering the uneasy and turbulent political times (*sigh*), it's important that we not forget those who have protected our home and our way of life over the last 240 years.  Without their brave sacrifices, we would not have the opportunity for political discourse that we have today.

On that note, since this is a Cubs-themed blog, I've prepared a comprehensive list of every Chicago Cub who once traded in their pinstripes for fatigues, who traded their baseball bat for a rifle, who traded their service to Chicago to service for the USA.  They deserve all the recognition that they can get on Veteran's Day.

Since this franchise is so gosh darn old, we can start all the way back with in the days of  Lincoln:

Civil War

Oscar Bielaski
Scott Hastings
Fergy Malone
Ed Pinkham
George Zettlein

World War I
Karl Adams 
Vic Aldridge
Grover Cleveland Alexander
Nick Allen
Sweetbreads Bailey
Hal Carlson
Jimmy Cooney
Hooks Cotter
Kiki Cuyler
Pickles Dillhoefer

Paddy Driscoll
Rowdy Elliott
Johnny Evers
Burleigh Grimes
Herb Hunter
Percy Jones
George Kelly
Pete Kilduff
Bill Killefer
Joe Klugmann
Rube Kroh
Len Madden
Rabbit Maranville

Rube Marquard
Speed Martin
Earl Moore
Joel Newkirk
Jesse Petty
Eddie Pick
Lance Richbourg
Vic Saier
Hank Schrieber
Bob Smith
Gale Staley
Sammy Strang

George Stueland
Zeb Terry
Pete Turgeon
Hooks Warner
Harry Weaver

World War II 

Cliff Aberson - Army
Dale Alderson - Navy
John Andre - Air Force
Toby Atwell
Fred Baczewski - Air Force
Gene Baker - Navy
Dick Bartell - Navy
Russ Bauers - Army
Frank Baumholtz - Navy
Joe Berry - Marines
Hi Bithorn - Navy
Cy Block - Coast Guard

Julio Bonetti - Army
Zeke Bonura - Army
John Bottarini - Air Force
Smoky Burgess - Army
Don Carlsen - Army
Bob Carpenter - Army
Hugh Casey - Navy
Bob Chipman - Army
Bubba Church - Air Force
Jackie Collum - Air Force
Jeff Cross - Navy
Dom Dallesandro - Army
Al Dark - Marines

Jim Davis - Marines
Jess Dobernic - Army
Bruce Edwards - Army
Hank Edwards - Army
Al Epperly
Jim Fanning - Army
Marv Felderman - Navy
Dee Fondy - Army
Larry French - Navy
Len Gabrielson - Navy
Joe Garagiola - Army
Cecil Garriott - Army
Paul Gillespie - Coast Guard

Jim Gleeson - Navy
Al Glossop - Navy
Hank Gornicki - Army
Warren Hacker - Marines
Ralph Hamner - Navy
Joe Hatten - Navy
Grady Hatton - Air Force
Jim Hegan - Coast Guard
Rollie Hemsley - Navy
Roy Henshaw - Navy
Billy Herman - Navy
Gene Hermanski - Coast Guard
Buck Herzog - Army
Kirby Higbe - Army
Cal Howe - Army
Herb Hunter - Navy
Monte Irvin - Army
Randy Jackson - Navy

Tony Jacobs - Marines
Hal Jeffcoat - Army
Frank Jelinich - Navy
Don Johnson - Army
Ralph Kiner - Navy
Walt Lanfranconi - Army
Mickey Livingston -Army
Turk Lown - Army
Peanuts Lowrey - Army

Clarence Maddern - Army
Sal Madrid - Air Force
Morrie Martin - Army
Joe Marty - Air Force
Gene Mauch - Air Force
Clyde McCullough - Navy
Cal McLish - Army
Lloyd Merriman - Marines
Dutch Meyer - Air Force
Ed Mickelson - Air Force
Eddie Miksis - Navy
Ox Miller - Army
Paul Minner - Army
Bill Moisan - Army
Bobby Morgan - Army
Walt Moryn - Navy
Irv Noren - Army
Ron Northey - Army
Lou Novikoff - Air Force

Vern Olsen - Navy
Ted Pawelek - Marines
Harry Perkowski - Navy
Ray Pierce - Navy
Bob Porterfield - Army
Johnny Pramesa - Marines
Wimpy Quinn - Marines
Ken Raffensberger - Navy
Bob Ramazotti - Army
Hal Rice - Army
Marv Rickert - Coast Guard
Robin Roberts - Air Force

Bob Rush - Army
Hank Sauer - Coast Guard
Bob Scheffing - Navy
Hank Schenz - Navy
Freddy  Schmidt - Army
Johnny Schmitz - Navy
Bill Serena - Navy
Bobby Shantz - Army
Clyde Shoun - Navy
Charlie Silvera - Air Force
Lefty Sloat - Army
Roy Smalley - Navy
Lou Stringer - Air Force

Bobby Sturgeon - Navy
El Tappe - Navy
Wayne Terwilliger - Marines
Bobby Thomson - Air Force
Bob Thorpe - Navy
Johnny Vander Meer - Navy
Ben Wade - Air Force
Eddie Waitkus - Army
Harry Walker - Army 
Lon Warneke - Army
Vic Wertz - Air Force
Hoyt Wilhelm - Army
Tony York - Army
Bob Zick - Army

Korean War
Ted Abernathy
Ken Aspromonte
Ed Bailey
Ernie Banks
Frank Baumann
Ed Bouchee
Leon Brinkopf

Jim Brosnan
Bob Buhl
Art Ceccarelli
Harry Chiti
Hy Cohen
Wes Covington
Arnold Earley
Gene Fodge
Larry French
Footer Johnson
Don Larsen
Bob Lennon
Lloyd Merriman
Tom Poholsky

Mel Roach
Don Robertson
Paul Schramka
Curt Simmons
Bob Speake
Sammy Taylor
Vito Valentinetti
Preston Ward
Pete Whisenant
Ed Winceniak

Vietnam War
Matt Alexander
Larry Biitner
Larry French
George Mitterwald

Bobby Murcer
Champ Summers 

And there you have it - every Cubs player who has gone to battle on the diamond and in the battlefield.  Thanks to Baseball Reference, SABR and Baseball in Wartime for providing such comprehensive databases from which I was able to pick out this information. 

With so much hate and vitriol being spewed in the wake of the Presidential election (again, *sigh*), I highly encourage you to spread a little love and thank a veteran for their service. After all, who knows where we'd be today without their sacrifices?

Happy Veterans Day!


  1. Wow, a lot more than i would have guessed. Most impressive. My family has been involved in every war the US has been involved in save the war with Mexico in 1846. Starting at the battle of Lexington and Concord to today

  2. Very cool post. It's really awesome that both you and Billy have so many family members that have served our country's armed forces. My dad fought in the Korean War and I have a few uncles and cousins who have served in the armed forces, but I don't think I have any relatives who fought in WWII or any of the previous wars the US has participated in.