Monday, November 28, 2016

A True Cyber Monday

In honor of America's second favorite shopping holiday, I present to you my latest custom "card" - a true Cyber Monday, if you will.

In recent years, the Monday immediately following Thanksgiving has become dedicated to Black Friday-esque sales from online retailers.  Thus, you get all of the crazy deals that drive people nuts on Black Friday; however, you lose all of the fun of camping out at midnight, fighting with rabid and frenzied customers, and parking lots filled with more cars than a NASCAR infield.  Actually, it's kind of hard not to see the appeal there.

Anywho, with that in mind, I decided to blend the ill-fated Topps Cybr Card football release, which was a series of CD-ROM "cards" put out from 1995-96 in an attempt to be on the cutting edge of technology.  These oddities were full-sized CD's chock full of video highlights and stats; thus, they weren't really anything like cards and thus failed to grasp the attention of the target audience,

Swiped off Ebay, for frame of reference

Copycatting Upper Deck perfected this idea a couple of years later (1999) with their multi-sport Power Deck release, which was built on the same concept, but used mini, card-sized CD-ROMs, which could be slid into a CD drive or a nine-pocket sheet with ease.  As Hannah Montana might say, you get the best of both worlds.

Please excuse the Hannah Montana reference, it's been a long day.

This image swiped from the Trading Card DB because, much to my consternation, I have none of these

In the end, the pun-tastic marriage of cyber trading cards and former A's/Cubs/Dodgers outfielder and part-time American flag rescuer seemed too good to pass up.  It's certainly not my best work, but I think it gets the message across - a true Cyber Monday.

If you partook in this particular retail holiday, I hope you found some steals of deals.  If you didn't, well... ummm.... happy Monday?  Hopefully your Thanksgiving holiday was full of good company, conversation, tasty food and plenty to be thankful for.


  1. My Monday pretty much sucked across the board. Perhaps because I didn't capitalize on any deals?

    Thanks for the enjoyable Cyber Monday visual.

  2. I'm not surprised those didn't catch on.

  3. I am always tempted to try to see if the PowerDeck cards will still work, but I love my computer too much. I'm scared I will never get it out of the drive.