Monday, October 31, 2016

Keith Krunch


The Cubs live again to fight another day.  Thank goodness the Cubs were finally able to scratch up a little bit of offense last night and Aroldis Chapman was able to channel his inner Goose Gossage with an eight-out save.  With a travel day, this Cubs fan can catch his breath a little bit today before Game Six kicks off tomorrow.  Even though Josh Tomlin blanked the Cubs last time around, I like our chances with Arrieta on the mound.

These are nerve-wracking times.

I must admit, I wasn't feeling nearly as optimistic when the day began yesterday.  Pessimism has always been one of my finer qualities.  However, I did feel a little bit better after taking in a hardy breakfast - it is the most important meal of the day, after all.

The Cubs are playing later into the year than ever before, but that hasn't stopped the Blackhawks from trying to steal back a little bit of the spotlight.  You may remember that Anthony Rizzo had his own personally-licensed cereal this spring (RizzO's); well, those same folks are back again for winter with Duncan Keith and "Keith Krunch."  It makes a great part of the Chicago sports fan's balanced breakfast, as exemplified with my protein bar and some Advocare Spark (a vitamin-based energy supplement).

RizzO's were a rip-roaring hit, so why not try again with the team that had heretofore been the toast of the town?  Not to mention, it's for a good cause, as a sizable portion of the proceeds will be going to Duncan's off-ice charity - Keith Relief.

The Blackhawks' defenceman and alternate captain often gets lost in the spotlight shuffle behind names like Kane, Toews and Hossa; nevertheless, he's been a steady contributor to all three of the Stanley Cup Champion teams.  Thus, it's only appropriate that he should get his own breakfast cereal - a meal that is often forgotten, but critically important!

By the way, the cereal is just Frosted Flakes repackaged in a hockey-themed box.  If you eat too much of this sugary treat, you'll lost a tooth or two just like a real hockey player.

Traditionally, cereal boxes offer some sort of puzzle or game on the back panel of their box as entertaiment.  "Keith Krunch" is no different, as the back side of the souvenir packaging includes a rink-themed maze, allowing the literal consumer to assist the two-way defender in scoring a goal, in between spoonfuls.  Alongside, some fun facts about the longtime Blackhawk are offered, as well.

**SPOILER ALERT**  If you're dead-set on figuring out the maze by yourself, the next panel is going to ruin that experience for you.

On one side, we get the backstory on Keith Relief, so we breakfast patrons can know what our purchase went towards funding.  As you can read above, the cause is quite noble, helping young children and their families alleviate the financial and emotional burdens of medical crises.   Furthermore, there's that spoiler I was warning you about a minute ago.

On the opposite side, you get the nutrition information for Keith Krunch, as is mandated by the FDA.  I wouldn't exactly call this stuff health food.

So, there you have it - Keith Krunch is a real thing and is sitting on the shelves of your local Jewel right now (if you live near Chicago).  Like I said in my post about RizzO's, I sure would have liked to find an oddball trading card on one of these side-panels.  Oh well, it was still a pretty fun item to come across while grocery shopping.  This box will look quite nice perched on my TV stand, in between my RizzO's and my Slammin' Sammy's.

Please disregard my fiancee's rubber duck collection, which is also displayed prominently in said location.

Oh and speaking of sugary treats, happy Halloween!  I'll tell you what, there's nothing scarier to me than a Monday morning...

...well, except for the Cubs precarious World Series situation.  I don't know if my nerves can handle all this suspense!


  1. Nice Bat-Duck! They need to do something for Bulls now...

  2. Go Cubs go! Definitely an all-time great performance by Chapman. And I have to admit I've saved a couple cereal boxes as well, though I've opened them to remove the cereal (don't want to be dealing with THAT in 10-20 years!) and flattened them out.

  3. Wish I still lived by Jewel. Ours had a whole kosher grocery within a grocery. BTW, do you say, I'm going to "Jewel", "The Jewel", or "Jewels"? We always said, "The Jewel".