Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Graced by Andy

In yesterday's mail, I received a heavy and thick padded mailer from Mr. Andy Stetson, the proprietor of Ain't Nobody Got Time For Cardboard.  He may be a rookie to the card blog scene, but we've already completed three trades; Andy is making up for lost blogging time!

I should have known something was up though - I wasn't expecting a package so voluminous.  However, the excitement of new cards in the mail blinded my instincts.

There were two large stacks of cards to be found within the confines of the mailer.  On top of the second one, was this seemingly harmless 1989 Fleer, second-year card of one of my all-time favorite Cubs, Mark "Amazing" Grace.  Mr. Stetson is well aware of my fondness for the nineties-hits leader; so, nothing out of the ordinary here, right?


What you see here is an entire stack of '89 Fleer Gracies... egad!  You've heard of "Bipping;" however, have you ever been "Graced?"

This is the second time that I've been "Bipped" with a Cubs theme - this time I was Graced by Andy, last time I was Vogel-bombed by P-Town Tom.

Now, this was all very amusing and such - but, I found myself faced with a very important question... what does one do with a massive amount of junk wax dupes?  Before I could even finish asking myself that question, my fiancee grabbed the pile and, well, this happened:

Makin' it rain...

She sure was pleased with herself:

This one is just full of surprises,

After having cleaned up that mess, I was still faced with the same question - what to do with all these Gracies?  Share the wealth of course.

What cat doesn't want their very own Mark Grace baseball card?

This one, apparently.  "Mongo" was not impressed.

Perhaps another one of the household pets would be a tad more grateful for the gift Andy and I bestowed upon them:

"Sheldon" is looking at me as if to say, "What buffoonery is this?  I asked for a Picasso, not a baseball card!!"

In the end, none of these solutions were particularly helpful; I'll have to figure something else out.  If you're a Cubs collector and I trade with you, I'd watch your mailbox if I was you.

Now, as for that second stack of cards that Andy jammed into his padded mailer - it was filled with cool stuff that fit into multiple facets of my collections, including one card that absolutely blew me away.  However, I think I'll save the rest for tomorrow - holy cliffhanger Batman!

In the meantime, maybe the dogs would more appreciative?...


  1. Bwahahahahaha, that is all! Wait, no it isn't! Awesome uses for the cards, great move by your fiance, lol!

  2. Bigger question: why do you have a picture of Night Owl on your fridge?

    1. He's just so gosh-darn inspirational!

    2. I was wondering the same thing! Ha!
      Mongo, great name for a cat.

  3. I'd be interested in one--just one!--of those Graces. It's a card of my favorite player that I don't have yet. Let's work out a trade some time.

    1. Deal - you said you wanted one dozen, right? Teehee.

      How can I reach you?

    2. My email is tntcardsstg at gmail dot com. I'll check out your wantlist, but I'm not sure I can help your all-time Cubs project. You're much farther along in your Cubs collection than I am. I'll find something.

      My wantlist is posted on my blog bumpandruncards.blogspot.com

  4. Great idea. Next time I go to the strip club, I'm leaving my dollar bills at home and bringing a stack of Graces.