Friday, March 20, 2015

Gotta Get Down on Friday

TGIF!  I'm almost as elated as Alfonso here that the end of the work week has finally arrived.

Today will be just a quick post, as my schedule is really crowded and I'm saving my well-thought out post ideas for the next couple of days, when I'll have much more time to do them justice.

In the meantime, since his emotions nearly match mine, I figured this was as good of a time as any to show off this fantastic Topps Stars piece from 2008.  I have plenty of Sori cards in my collection, but when I saw this sitting in a discount box, there was no way I was leaving it there.

First of all, I don't think I've ever seen such pure elation on any baseball card.  This shot would have been perfect for the old Emotion brand put out by Fleer in the mid-90's.

Second, it comes from one of my favorite moments in Cubs history - or at least from my era:

Ah - 2007 - one in a long line of "next years" for us Cubs fans.  However, it was as I jumped up and down in my living room after this glorious walk-off that I thought that this squad really could come roaring back from 8 games back that May.

And they did.  In fact, they had many come from behind victories such as this, as I recall.  They called them the Cardiac Cubs.

It felt like destiny.  We all know how that eventually turned out; but, nevertheless, it was a great moment in a great season.

Also, let's take a second and appreciate Sori's vertical!  If this whole baseball thing hadn't worked out for him, maybe he would have had a future in hoops.  Speaking of which, that's a good hint as to what tomorrow's post will be about...

Who is this and what do they have to do with tomorrow's post?

All in all, I had to add this wonderfully shiny piece of pure ecstasy to my CATRC binder to represent Al.  I was happy to do so - maybe not as happy as he was at the time though.

I'll close things off with the song from which this post gets it's title.

WAIT! Don't worry, I'll be merciful and not post the original - we all know how terrible that is.  However, this version is very much exemplary of the joy of Friday:

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