Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beware the Ides of March

I hope Matt is watching his back today, good thing there is nobody in camp named Brutus.

Seeing as how Matt is now second in the Cactus League to teammate Kris Bryant with 3 home runs and is presenting a strong case to be an extra outfielder, there are plenty of people who might be gunning for him.  Or would that be knifing?

Meanwhile, I'll be honoring this infamous date in literary history by trying to figure out how exactly the jumble of letters that is "Szczur" is pronounced as "Caesar."

Watch out though, if not Brutus, Jim Peterik might just be coming for you today as well!

Their Cubs rally song recorded for the 1998 playoff push

An excellent deep track that time has forgotten

The song for which you all knew, but probably forgot the band behind it

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  1. I was always partial to "Superman". But that was always my thing...the not-quite-a-hit-single AFTER the hit single.