Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's Happening, It's Finally Happening!

Big news broke last night, however I enjoy sleeping too much to stay up and monitor twitter. Thus, I was thoroughly excited to wake up this morning and find out that Jorge Soler is being called up to the Cubs!

Now, I realize that he's still an unpolished project and he (probably) won't come up and Puig his way through the NL, but I missed my opportunity to gush about the callups of Alcantara, Hendricks and Baez during my hiatus Therefore, all of my bottled enthusiasm is now erupting forth in this one post!

Meanwhile, I now get to add this beautiful blue parralell of Soler's 2013 Bowman issue to my Cubs All-Time Roster binder. I've never been one for prospecting, but the Cubs ridiculously stacked farm system has led me to reconsider.

As promised last night, I'll be back later today to reveal some of the vintage Cubbie goodness I've recently uncovered. I just felt that Jorge deserved his own post and thus is better than me screaming from the mountain tops.

Isn't it though? I mean, minus all the nuclear anihilation imagery and all...


  1. And a very happy Soler Day to you as well! Now the anticipation builds towards Bryant Day...