Saturday, November 28, 2015

Rip Van Burbs

*YAWWWWNNNNN*  That was a nice nap, but I really should get up and start prepping my Halloween costume.  What time is it?....

There are CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS set up??!!  For the love of Pete, how long was I out?

It's damn near December??? Wowza, that must have been a helluva dose of Nyquil...

An artist's rendition of my blogging hiatus

In all seriousness, time did slip away from me a little bit, not quite like that, but it did get away from me.  I just didn't have the enthusiasm or inspiration for blogging and before I knew it, I hadn't posted since mid-October.  That happens, I suppose.

That doesn't mean I haven't been collecting cardboard rectangles though; au contraire, in fact.  While the Cubs have since washed out of the playoffs and been fairly quiet so far this off-season, I've still made some progress on my bread and butter (CATRC) and even taken up some new collections to keep my interest.  Variety is the spice of life and all that.

So, I'll spend the next few days showing off some cool stuff I picked up while my blog was asleep.  There's definitely some unique pieces and some harrowing internet-vending experiences to talk about.  I also went to my very first card show (and second, that's how long I've been gone).  Yes, I'd managed to collect cards for 10+ years and never step foot in a show... social anxiety anyone?

I guess it's time to shake off the cobwebs, limber up my creaky joints, chop off this beard and resurrect Wrigley Roster Jenga.  The internet might not have been calling for it; but, I need this outlet to feed an enthusiasm clearly not shared with my girlfriend or cats.

See?  Just look how bored she is with it.

Ahhh... it's good to be back.  I guess next time I'll just have to make sure I set an alarm; that way, I won't sleep through St. Patrick's Day or something.  Although, you'd think someone would be courteous enough to give me a nudge, right?


  1. Welcome back!
    Just out of curiosity, does your card have a Luis Salazar fetish?

    1. I haven't asked - that said, this is a no judgement household.

  2. Good to have you back! I've been on an extended break from the blog as well.

    1. Well, here's hoping that you join me in a return to writing!